How many representatives does New Hampshire have in the 2024 primary, and what is the method of allocation?

How many representatives does New Hampshire have in the 2024 primary, and what is the method of allocation?

Washington — The 2024 New Hampshire primary

The competition for the relatively small but influential pool of GOP delegates in the state will begin on Tuesday, with only two remaining Republican candidates.

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While it may not measure up to the impact of bigger states, the outcome will still have an impact on the trajectory of the competition for the Republican Party’s nomination. In recent New Hampshire polls, former President Donald Trump held a significant advantage over former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley, but several of these surveys were conducted prior to Florida Governor Ron DeSantis entering the race.

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Haley’s performance in the final stretch could bolster her bid against Trump, the leading candidate, but a lackluster outcome may signify the conclusion of her run. Historically, New Hampshire voters tend to make their decisions late, so the results on Tuesday could bring unexpected developments.

She promised to end with more determination in New Hampshire. She has stated that she is the most formidable contender to face off against Mr. Biden in the upcoming election. Although GOP supporters believe that Trump is their top choice for defeating the incumbent president,head-to-head CBS News polling

A recent report from earlier this month indicated that Haley had the largest lead over Mr. Biden.

Supporters react as former president Donald Trump makes a campaign stop at the Manchester Trump campaign office in Manchester, New Hampshire, on Jan. 21, 2024.

On January 21, 2024, supporters responded with enthusiasm as former president Donald Trump visited the Manchester Trump campaign office in Manchester, New Hampshire.

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Do New Hampshire’s delegates follow a winner-take-all system?

The selection of presidential nominees for the main political parties is ultimately determined by delegates at the party conventions held in the summer. The method of delegate allocation varies among state parties, but usually aligns with the outcome of their respective primary or caucus. In certain states, all delegates are granted to the candidate who secures the top position, while others distribute them proportionally based on the voting percentage received by each candidate.

New Hampshire does not operate on a winner-take-all system. Instead, any candidate who receives more than 10% of the vote in a statewide primary will be given delegates. Therefore, even if Haley does not win against Trump, she is still expected to receive some delegates. Delegates are allocated proportionally once a candidate reaches the 10% threshold.

The GOP nomination will be formally decided at the Republican National Convention in Milwaukee, where delegates will gather from July 15 to July 18. The candidate with the majority of delegates will be declared the party’s nominee.

What is the number of delegates up for grabs for the Democrats?

The Democratic Party made changes to their primary schedule last year, giving South Carolina the opportunity to hold the first primary. Democrats in New Hampshire stated that changing their primary date would need a new state legislation and could not be done quickly enough.

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By scheduling its competition ahead of schedule, the state has disqualified its delegates from participating in the election. Additionally, Mr. Biden expressed his disagreement with the primary date and chose not to include his name on the ballot, meaning that those wishing to vote for him will have to write in his name instead.

On Tuesday, voters will have the opportunity to choose between Democratic contenders, including Representative Dean Phillips and self-help writer Marianne Williamson. Despite this, it is widely predicted that Mr. Biden will emerge as the victor. It is possible that the party may choose to assign New Hampshire’s delegates at the convention in the summer, but at present, no delegates will be allotted in Tuesday’s Democratic primary.

In 2020, the Democratic Party in New Hampshire allocated 24 pledged delegates.

How many delegates does the Republican party currently have in the primary election?

Only one other state has held a primary contest so far — Iowa. The Hawkeye State held its caucuses last week, and Trump won more than half of the votes.

Iowa had a total of 38 delegates available. According to CBS News’ calculation, Trump currently holds the top spot with 20 delegates, while DeSantis has eight and Haley has seven.