Individuals receiving medical care, employees, and those who have been forced to leave their homes evacuate Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza.

Individuals affected by displacement, including patients and staff, departed the area.Gaza’s largest hospital

On Saturday, officials in charge of health announced that they would be leaving, leaving only a small team to take care of those who were too ill to leave. The Israeli forces have taken over the facility.

Israel’s military raided

On Wednesday, soldiers have been searching the expansive Al-Shifa Hospital complex thoroughly, checking each floor and room for potential Hamas members and any sign of an alleged hidden command center. Despite denials from the hospital staff and military group, U.S. officials claim to have proof of the existence of a Hamas command center within the hospital.

Israel has claimed that Hamas is using civilian areas and hospitals for cover, which has been a key factor in its rationale for launching a large-scale military operation following Hamas’ destructive attack on October 7th.

At 03:34, the Israeli military was recorded by CBS News inside Al-Shifa hospital.

In the southern region of the Gaza Strip, there were ongoing attacks, including an Israeli airstrike that targeted a residential building near Khan Younis. According to a doctor at the hospital where the deceased were taken, at least 26 Palestinians were killed. Dr. Nehad Taeima at Nasser Hospital reported that an additional 20 people were injured.

Israel typically refrains from addressing specific attacks, stating only that it is aiming at Hamas and working to minimize harm to innocent civilians. Numerous strikes carried out by Israel have resulted in the deaths of women and children.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu
On Thursday, it was stated that Israel will do everything possible to finish their operation in Gaza while causing the least harm to civilians.

“We are striving to minimize civilian casualties, but unfortunately, we have not been successful,” Netanyahu informed Norah O’Donnell of CBS Evening News, attributing the lack of success to Hamas. He described the group as a “fanatical cult” and accused them of intentionally using Palestinian civilians as human shields by positioning them behind their fighters.

The majority of people in Gaza are currently seeking shelter in the southern region. This includes hundreds of thousands of individuals who responded to Israel’s request to evacuate from Gaza City and the northern area in order to avoid its ground attack.

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