Israeli troops intensify training for urban warfare in preparation for imminent ground invasion of Gaza.

Israeli troops intensify training for urban warfare in preparation for imminent ground invasion of Gaza.

As Israel’s military mobilizes for an expected ground invasion2005 disengagement from Gaza

In the Gaza Strip, which is under the control of Hamas, numerous soldiers are getting ready at a training center called Tse’elim, located around 30 miles south of Ashkelon. This facility, also known as “The Strip,” was constructed after the withdrawal from Gaza in 2005.

On October 7th, there were terrorist attacks carried out by Hamas.

to train soldiers for warfare in urban environments.

Lt. Col. Mati Shechavch stated that five days ago, this location was devoid of any presence. He is currently preparing his troops for a frenzied search for Hamas fighters within the streets of Gaza.

According to Hamas, it has constructed a vast underground system spanning 300 miles which it utilizes for launching attacks.

The Palmachim Airbase in Israel is a critical location that houses two squadrons of Black Hawk helicopters. They are currently preparing for potential operations against Hamas.

According to Rear Adm. Daniel Hagari, Israel’s top military representative, his statement to the Palestinians is: “Hamas has held you captive and is responsible for the harm of its own citizens.”

Hagari acknowledged the difficulty of dealing with Hamas and stated that simply eliminating the group’s leaders and dismantling its ruling structures will not eradicate their ideology. Instead, he believes that targeting the infrastructure of their terrorist activities will ultimately prove to them that their beliefs are misguided.

Hagari acknowledged the potential danger of another group emerging after the potential downfall of Hamas, but stated that it is a political matter.

Hagari stated that we will analyze the consequences together with the international community and our allies to prevent another ISIS from emerging.

According to Shechavch, the soldiers are ready to engage in combat in Gaza for however long it takes to eliminate all risks to our citizens.

“He stated that the outcome of that is uncertain and is a matter for politicians or unknown to him.”

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