Jake Sullivan stated that the United States and Israel have engaged in discussions similar to those between friends when tackling difficult issues.

Jake Sullivan stated that the United States and Israel have engaged in discussions similar to those between friends when tackling difficult issues.

Sullivan, the national security advisor, stated on Sunday that the United States has urged Israel to make a clear distinction between Hamas

As the pressure to safeguard civilians in Gaza increases, there is concern for both Israeli and Palestinian non-combatants. in Gaza

Israel increases its attacks in Gaza.. 

During an interview on “Face the Nation,” Sullivan stated that he and his colleagues have discussions similar to those between friends about challenging topics such as humanitarian aid, differentiating between terrorists and innocent civilians, and Israel’s decision-making process in regards to military operations. These conversations occur frequently throughout the day.

He stated that discussions are taking place involving President Biden, Secretary of State Antony Blinken, and Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin.

On October 29, 2023, National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan appeared on the program “Face the Nation.”

“We engage in open and honest communication, speaking directly and sharing our unfiltered opinions. This will remain our approach,” he stated. “While in this public setting, I will state that the US will firmly stand by its values and beliefs, including the importance of protecting innocent human lives. Our guidance to Israel will continue to be delivered privately.”

When questioned about the timeframe for declaring success in their mission against Hamas, Sullivan stated that the Israelis have communicated their primary strategic objective as ensuring that Hamas will not be able to pose a threat to Israel as it did in the past.

“The decision on specific milestones lies with Israel as this is their military operation,” he stated. “As we continue to monitor this situation closely, we will also be addressing important considerations such as objectives, alignment of resources and the evolving nature of the operation. This dialogue has been ongoing and will persist in the coming days.”


Sullivan stated that there is a possibility of a “humanitarian ceasefire” in Syria.

Conflict between Israel and Hamas to get 

Gaza hostages released

The terrorist group could gain advantage from this.

Sullivan stated that there are numerous complexities involved in this situation. He also mentioned that implementing a humanitarian break would be beneficial for freeing hostages, but cautioned that Hamas may attempt to exploit this opportunity for their own gain.

Blinken addressed the U.N. Security Council on Tuesday and advocated for the consideration of humanitarian pauses in the conflict. These pauses would allow for essential supplies and safe passage for civilians in Gaza. However, the Biden administration does not back a longer cease-fire, citing concerns about Hamas using the time to regroup.

Sullivan stated that he could not estimate how much time it would require to relocate all hostages to a secure location if they were freed.

He stated that if we successfully secure the release of the hostages, it would take more than just a few hours. We are currently making efforts to secure their release.

Hamas has taken more than 200 hostagesthe

According to the Israeli military, and the.only four have been releasedincluding two Americans, since the Oct. 7 attack

In the meantime, approximately 600 Americans are believed to be unable to leave Gaza. According to Sullivan, the U.S. is regularly communicating with the majority of these individuals.

Sullivan stated that while we cannot guarantee every individual, we do regularly follow up with those who contact us, sometimes on a daily basis. We are aware that many of them are still in need and waiting to leave, and we are actively striving to assist them in achieving that goal.

Sullivan accused Hamas of obstructing the departure of foreign citizens.

He stated that the Egyptians are ready to allow Americans and other non-citizens to leave Gaza. The Israelis have no objections to this, but Hamas is hindering their departure and making various demands. Our goal is to find a solution that allows all American citizens in Gaza to safely leave, which is a top priority for the president.

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