Learn more about Representative Dean Phillips, the Democratic challenger from Minnesota who is running against Joe Biden in the 2024 election.

Learn more about Representative Dean Phillips, the Democratic challenger from Minnesota who is running against Joe Biden in the 2024 election.

Dean Phillips, a representative from Minnesota, has declared that he will run against President Joe Biden for the Democratic nomination in the 2024 presidential election. He officially launched his campaign on Friday morning in New Hampshire and will file to be on the state’s primary ballot.

Phillips, who is 54 years old, started writing in New Hampshire.

Met with Robert Costa, CBS News’ chief correspondent for election and campaign coverage.

During a special interview on “CBS Mornings.”

Phillips expressed that she believes President Biden has performed exceptionally well for our nation. However, she emphasized that this election is focused on what lies ahead, rather than the past.

Phillips told Costa he has studied polling data and is alarmed about the prospect of former President Donald Trump beating Biden, should the 2024 election end up becoming a rematch of the 2020 race. He said at 80 years old, it’s time for Biden to step aside for a new generation of Democrats to lead the party.

Two Minnesota representatives, Dean Phillips and Tom Emmer, gain national attention.

What is the background of Phillips?

Prior to entering politics, Phillips inherited his stepfather’s lucrative Phillips Distilling Company, known for popular vodka and schnapps brands. He previously held the position of company president and also oversaw operations at Talenti, a gelato manufacturer.

A recent Politico article pointed out that Phillips is the grandson of Pauline Phillips, a well-known advice columnist who used the pseudonym Abigail Van Buren and was featured on CBS Radio.

He is Jewish and previously served on the board of Temple Israel in Minneapolis. In recent weeks, as casualties mounted in the Israel-Hamas war, Phillips told MPR News he believed in the pursuit of a “two-state solution.”

Phillips stated that in order for both Palestinians and Israelis to coexist peacefully, there must be a focus on achieving peace, prosperity, and opportunities for both sides. However, the current situation is very polarized. Phillips believes that the United States should continue to stand by Israel and that Hamas needs to be eliminated. Additionally, Phillips believes that Palestinians should strive for leadership that values integrity and is committed to pursuing peace.

What is the political background of Phillips?

In his initial bid for Congress in 2018, Phillips made driving a gelato truck a key part of his campaign. He defeated five-term Republican Erik Paulsen, marking the first time in nearly 60 years that a Republican did not win in that district. Phillips has since been re-elected twice, with his largest margin of victory in 2022 at 59.6% against Republican opponent Tom Weiler’s 40.4%.

While his district in mostly affluent greater Minneapolis has become more Democratic-leaning, Phillips has stressed that he is a moderate focused on his suburban constituents. He is a member of the centrist Problem Solvers Caucus in Congress, and has said that he made most of his closest friends among Republicans on Capitol Hill.

On January 6th, during the violent takeover of the U.S. Capitol by followers of former President Donald Trump, Phillips yelled at Arizona Representative Paul Gosar, blaming him for the chaos. Gosar was one of the Representatives who contested President Biden’s win during the certification proceedings. He later shared his account of the events on the House floor.

In what location does Dean Phillips serve as a representative?

Phillips is the representative for the 3rd district of Minnesota. This district includes parts of urban Hennepin County that are not already represented by Minneapolis or a few nearby suburbs. This area is also represented by 5th district representative Ilhan Omar. The cities within Phillips’ district are Bloomington, Maple Grove, Minnetonka, Eden Prairie, Brooklyn Park, and Anoka.

What led Phillips to run for president?

Phillips has been considering challenging Biden in the primary for some time now, but his plans intensified when he resigned from his position as co-chair of the DPCC earlier this month.

He stated that his beliefs regarding the 2024 presidential election do not align with those of the majority in his political group. Therefore, he decided to step down from his leadership position in order to prevent any unnecessary disruptions during a crucial period for our nation.

Previously, the representative informed WCCO in August that he had stated.

Advocating for a substitute to Biden among Democrats in the upcoming race for president.

In August, he advocated for setting a limit on the number of terms members of Congress can serve. This statement was made after Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell’s second term in office.

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During the summer season, the Senate Select Committee on Ethics was in the process of investigating the actions of the late Senator Dianne Feinstein.

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Phillips has a history of challenging the current state of the party. When he was first elected to Congress, he emphasized the importance of a “new generation” of Democrats to take the place of then-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. However, he was disappointed when no one stepped up to fill this role. Eventually, he changed his tune and praised Pelosi as one of the most effective speakers in history.

What impact will Phillips’ offer have on Biden’s likelihood of success?

Many experts are describing Phillips’ attempt as unlikely to succeed. Yet, in the past, primary challenges in New Hampshire have caused damage to sitting presidents.

In 1968, a fellow Minnesotan, Senator Eugene McCarthy of the Democratic party, centered his campaign on opposition to the Vietnam War. He came in second place in the New Hampshire primary, which contributed to President Lyndon Johnson’s decision to not seek a second term. Senator Ted Kennedy of Massachusetts also attempted to challenge President Jimmy Carter, while Pat Buchanan ran against President George H.W. Bush. However, both Carter and Bush were ultimately unsuccessful in their reelection campaigns.

The state’s influence on Democrats was curtailed this year by

Modifications made by the Democratic National Committee at the request of Biden..

The upcoming presidential primary voting will begin with South Carolina on February 3, followed by Nevada three days later on February 6. However, New Hampshire has chosen not to follow this schedule and will hold its primary before South Carolina’s, citing state laws that prioritize their primary. This decision may result in the Democratic National Committee revoking New Hampshire’s nominating delegates.

Source: cbsnews.com