Lloyd Austin, the Defense Secretary, expresses regret for concealing his hospitalization.

Lloyd Austin, the Defense Secretary, expresses regret for concealing his hospitalization.

Lloyd Austin, the Secretary of Defense, expressed regret for not informing the White House and the public about his recent hospitalization.

“We mishandled this situation. I personally did not handle it properly,” he stated during his initial press conference since the incident.secret hospitalizationkilled four US soldiers

“Following the fatal drone strike in Jordan which resulted in the deaths of four American soldiers”

Three American soldiers were killed.. 

The individual expressed pride in the accomplishments of the Defense Department, but acknowledged that they had not met expectations in this particular situation. They offered a direct apology to President Biden, who received it with the expected grace and warmth. Additionally, they clarified that they did not instruct their staff to conceal their hospitalization.

The go-ahead has been given for a number of counterattacks in Iraq or Syria, which may take place over a period of multiple days.

At the press briefing on Thursday, Austin was asked about the drone strike and the U.S.’s plan of action. He stated, “The current situation in the Middle East is precarious” and restated the U.S.’s stance of responding at their discretion. Austin explained that their response would be multi-faceted.

Austin stated that it is now necessary to reduce even more capability than what has been reduced in the past.

Austin was

Discharged from the hospital.

On January 15, after being hospitalized on New Year’s Day for complications from a prostate cancer treatment, Austin returned to work at the Pentagon in person on Monday. However, neither Austin nor his staff notified the White House or the public until several days later that he had been hospitalized and spent time in the ICU.

He issued a written statement where he accepted “complete accountability” for the choices regarding the disclosure of his health, but Thursday marks his initial chance to explain to the public the reasoning behind those choices.

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Source: cbsnews.com