Many Americans are expected to depart Gaza by crossing the Rafah border into Egypt.

Many Americans are expected to depart Gaza by crossing the Rafah border into Egypt.

Hundreds of Americans who were trapped in Gaza appeared set to leave the war-torn territory on Thursday as foreign nationals continued to cross over the Rafah border crossing into Egypt after it opened to them for the first time since the 

On October 7th, there were attacks by Hamas on Israel.

The Gaza Interior Ministry, controlled by Hamas, published a roster containing 400 names of American citizens who were granted permission to enter the border on Thursday. The State Department of the United States believes there are approximately 400 Americans currently stranded in Gaza.

On Wednesday, in Washington, Matthew Miller, a spokesperson for the U.S. State Department, stated that some American citizens have departed from Gaza. However, he did not disclose an exact figure.

Biden speaks out about the evacuation of Gaza as certain American individuals enter Egypt at 03:18.

Susan Beseiso, a resident of Utah, has been stuck in Gaza and informed CBS News on Wednesday that the State Department has provided her with instructions stating that the U.S. government has received credible information that some departures from Gaza may commence this week. Specific dates for departure will be assigned to U.S. citizens and their family members to ensure a smooth crossing.

Prior to receiving communication from the State Department, Beseiso voiced her frustration regarding her predicament.

Beseiso informed CBS News that it feels as though we are being held as hostages, not by Hamas, but by IDF soldiers, Egypt, and America. They are using us as a form of human protection.

According to Miller, the current state of affairs in Gaza is constantly changing. Those who are American citizens or have family members who wish to exit Gaza will receive instructions on how to depart via email within the next three days.


On Wednesday morning, a video captured the gate on the Palestinian side of the border being opened, allowing people to cross into Egypt for the first time since 2014.the war
The transportation of essential supplies has previously occurred between convoys.Egypt and Gaza

However, the Rafah crossing had not permitted any individuals to pass through until this point.

On Thursday, the Egyptian foreign ministry announced that they will assist in the evacuation of approximately 7,000 foreigners and dual nationals from the conflict-stricken Gaza Strip. During a discussion with diplomats from other countries, Assistant Foreign Minister Ismail Khairat expressed that Egypt is making arrangements to support the safe departure of foreign individuals from Gaza via the Rafah crossing.

According to Khairat, approximately 7,000 individuals from over 60 different countries were involved.

According to a report by Reuters on Wednesday, it was reported that a minimum of 320 individuals with foreign passports entered Egypt from Gaza. Throughout the day, it was expected that a total of 545 foreigners and dual nationals, as well as several sick and injured individuals, would also depart from the area.

According to reliable sources from the diplomatic community, Qatar facilitated a deal between Egypt, Israel, and Hamas, in collaboration with the United States, to permit restricted evacuations from Gaza.

Unnamed Egyptian official reported that on Wednesday, ambulances transporting injured Palestinian individuals from Gaza, which is currently in a state of war, entered Egypt through the Rafah crossing.

Marwan Al Ghoul of CBS News stated on Tuesday that a minimum of 81 individuals will be making the crossing from Rafah to Arish in ambulances, as authorized by the Egyptian government, for the purpose of receiving medical treatment.


On November 1, 2023, ambulances started to be transported from the Gaza Strip to Egypt via the Rafah border crossing. Reuters

During Israeli airstrikes following Hamas attacks, the area near the Rafah border crossing terminal was targeted. According to Israeli officials, these attacks resulted in the deaths of 1,400 individuals, mostly civilians. Additionally, 240 people were reportedly taken as hostages.

According to the Gaza Health Ministry, over 15,000 individuals have been injured in Israeli attacks, with more being transported to Egyptian hospitals for treatment. The ministry reports that the strikes have resulted in the deaths of over 8,500 people, with two-thirds of them being women and children.

On Wednesday, Paltel, a leading telecommunications company in Palestine, reported that there was another internet outage in Gaza. However, they are currently working on restoring service, which is being done gradually.

Gaza experienced a communication blackout lasting 48 hours after Israel declared an increase in its ground operation last week. Telecommunications were reinstated on Monday, according to Paltel, but another blackout has occurred since then.

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