Marianne Williamson has put her presidential campaign on hold.

Marianne Williamson has put her presidential campaign on hold.

Voters in Nevada share their thoughts on the current state of the 2024 election.

Nevada voters discuss state of presidential race


On Wednesday evening, Marianne Williamson declared that she is dropping out of the Democratic race for the presidency.

The author, who is 71 years old, announced in a video on social media that they will be suspending their campaign for the presidency.

“We made an effort to bring some clarity during some difficult times. I will forever appreciate that,” Williamson expressed.

President Biden won the Nevada Democratic primary by a large margin.

Williamson and Representative Phillips both ran unlikely campaigns to challenge President Biden’s reelection bid in 2020. Phillips is still actively running in the election.

Phillips expressed on social media that Marianne Williamson is a brave and resilient woman who has been unfairly treated by the system. He stated that he was proud to have campaigned with her and will continue to uphold their shared values with determination. He also thanked Marianne and emphasized that their efforts are not yet finished.

Although Mr. Biden declined to participate in a debate with his opponents, Williamson and Phillips engaged in a debate on January 8 in New Hampshire, where they aimed to secure victory in the absence of Mr. Biden on the Democratic primary ballot. Despite this, their efforts were ultimately successful.write-in effort

With the support of his allies in Granite State, Mr. Biden achieved a victory that effectively put an end to his opponents’ campaigns for the White House.

Williamson also ran

Before withdrawing from the 2020 Democratic primary, during the campaign.laid off her entire staff

Following unsuccessful attempts to reach the necessary fundraising and polling requirements for all debates except the initial one.

During this election period, she faced difficulties and went through three different campaign managers in a short span of time. According to Carlos Cardona, her latest campaign manager, he departed from her campaign the day after the primary in New Hampshire.