Mitch McConnell is resigning as the leader of the Senate Republican Party, bringing an end to his record-breaking 17-year tenure.

Mitch McConnell is resigning as the leader of the Senate Republican Party, bringing an end to his record-breaking 17-year tenure.

Washington — Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell announced he’s stepping down as the upper chamber’s GOP leader after November’s elections, ending a 17-year run that made him the longest-serving party leader in Senate history and often the most powerful Republican in Washington.

On Wednesday, the 82-year-old McConnell declared his choice on the Senate floor after recently celebrating his birthday.

“I had always envisioned a time when I would have complete understanding and serenity regarding the conclusion of my work,” he stated. “A time when I would be sure that I have aided in upholding the principles I deeply hold dear.” He exclaimed, “That day has finally come.”

McConnell criticized Trump following the assault on the Capitol on January 6, 2021. (McConnell opted to absolve Trump during his impeachment trial, claiming it was not within the bounds of the Constitution to deem a former president guilty on charges of impeachment.)

McConnell was initially met with opposition from his own party when he supported a Senate-approved border security deal that was disregarded by Trump, but ultimately acknowledged the changing political landscape. While he was able to garner support for a foreign aid bill including funds for Ukraine shortly after, this incident sparked significant opposition to McConnell’s leadership.

“Mitch McConnell is the least popular politician in America of either party. He is a symbol of everything that’s wrong with Washington,” Sen. Josh Hawley, a Missouri Republican, told reporters Wednesday ahead of McConnell’s announcement. 


Successfully navigated a test of leadership abilities.

Following the 2022 midterm elections, he successfully triumphed over resistance from a faction of conservative individuals who had become disappointed with his management of the GOP conference.

Last year, McConnell suffered a fall
catching the attention of others due to his well-being, subsequent to two occurrences of him exhibiting signs of… freeze up

“While addressing the media, McConnell’s party members showed unwavering trust in his leadership despite the recent events. However, a few raised concerns about his capability to continue guiding the party. Yet, McConnell dismissed these inquiries and made no reference to his well-being during his speech on Wednesday.”

During his speech on the floor, McConnell stated his intention to retain his position until a new leader is chosen by his party in November. This new leader will then take charge in 2025. McConnell also expressed his plan to remain in the Senate to fulfill the duties he was elected to by the people of Kentucky. Indicating that he will serve until his current term ends in 2026.

I am no longer the youthful individual sitting in the background, hoping my colleagues will remember my name,” stated McConnell. “But despite this, time continues to be undefeated. It is now the moment for a new generation of leadership to emerge.”

The leader expressed his “complete trust” in his team to select his replacement, but he did not officially support anyone for the role.

“I have ample gas left in my tank to greatly disappoint my critics, and I plan on doing so with the same enthusiasm they’ve come to expect,” he declared.

Reported by Alan He.

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