Netanyahu is facing growing discontent from within Israel following the recent attack by Hamas.

Netanyahu is facing growing discontent from within Israel following the recent attack by Hamas.

Protesters in Jerusalem visited the home of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu over the weekend, angrily chanting “jail now!” This echoes the growing demand for the long-time Israeli leader to resign from his position.

deteriorating situation in Gaza.

A recent survey conducted by an Israeli news outlet revealed that 76% of participants are in favor of Netanyahu stepping down from his position. Numerous individuals hold him accountable for the declining circumstances in failures behind Hamas’ Oct. 7

A wave of terror spreads throughout southern Israel..

Moshe Radman, standing outside Netanyahu’s residence over the weekend, exclaimed, “He needs to step down!”

Protest near Israeli PM Netanyahu's residence, in Jerusalem

On November 4, 2023, a group of demonstrators gathered near the residence of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to protest the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas in Jerusalem. AMMAR AWAD/REUTERS

Radman, along with other Israelis, has been at the forefront of the demonstrations against the leader of their country. When interviewed by CBS News, he stated that his motivation stemmed from Netanyahu’s repeated dishonesty.

Frustration towards the experienced Israeli politician was rapidly increasing – regarding his move to strike down the Israeli Supreme Court’s independence this year, over corruption charges

He is still struggling with a situation that dates back to 2016, and he promoted himself as “mister security” in his campaign videos.

What is the cause of the violence and protests occurring in Israel? 06:02

In a 2015 campaign advertisement, he stated that Israelis would vote to select the individual responsible for caring for their children.

It is estimated that over 30 of those kids are included in the 241 individuals who were reportedly held captive by Hamas, according to Israel.

The recent terrorist attack on October 7th was a major security failure for Israel, and the country’s leader has not shown remorse or accepted fault for the apparent oversights leading up to it.

According to Tal Schneider, a political correspondent for The Times of Israel, he is always planning 50 years into the future. He avoids taking responsibility for anything by making sure there is no record of it.

Schneider claimed that Netanyahu has maintained his position in power thanks to a dedicated group of supporters, which she referred to as his “base of loyalists,” in combination with his own political astuteness.

According to her, when Netanyahu served as prime minister, he was compared to President Trump. However, she believes that Netanyahu is far more refined and polished in comparison.

Based on the latest polls, it is uncertain whether Netanyahu’s career in politics will continue after the next Israeli election.

Radman, the leader of the protest, expressed to CBS News that it is time to put an end to this. He believes that our country and its people deserve better.

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