Palestinians living in the West Bank report that Israeli settlers are assaulting them and taking over their land during the ongoing conflict with Hamas.

Palestinians living in the West Bank report that Israeli settlers are assaulting them and taking over their land during the ongoing conflict with Hamas.

Sa’adat Gharib, a resident of East Jerusalem, must go through a gate monitored by Israeli security forces to access his own home. Despite it being situated on his family’s ancestral property, the house is confined by a sturdy metal fence and is surrounded by Israeli settlements.

According to Gharib, the settlements were constructed near his childhood home without proper authorization. He stated that the settlers have made offers to compensate him for leaving, but he has declined. In an interview with CBS News, he also revealed that his family, including his young kids, has been subjected to threats.


In mid-November 2023, Sa’adat Gharib and his children are seen at the doorway of their residence in East Jerusalem, which is completely encircled by an Israeli settlement and a heavily guarded barrier. CBS News/Agnes Reau

According to Gharib, his 11-year-old son Sabri was held for six hours when his soccer ball went near the settlements. When asked about the experience, Sabri confidently smiled and claimed he was not afraid.

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The tension in the West Bank has escalated to a critical level, causing concerns of a potential civil revolt.

The West Bank’s Ministry of Health reports that approximately 200 Palestinians have lost their lives in the region since October 7th. The UN’s humanitarian relief agency, OCHA, also states that nearly 1,150 individuals have been forced to leave their homes due to settler aggression and limitations on land access.

The death of a Palestinian farmer raises concerns about increasing settler violence in the West Bank at 02:49.

Approximately 400 individuals, including men, women, and children from Bedouin families of the ethnic group, were displaced from the village of Wadi Al Seeq. According to Abu Basher, a respected member of the Arab herding community, armed settlers were seen in a cellphone video taken by him and shared with CBS News, forcing him and others to vacate the area at gunpoint at the end of October.

“He recounted the scene with people bleeding and women and children screaming,” he shared. “I was filled with terror, fearing for the safety of my wife and children.”

According to Basher, the settlers damaged their residences and belongings, including their community school, and also took money, cellphones, and valuable livestock.

“I feel extremely despondent. All the effort I put in over the last 48 years… it’s all disappeared,” he stated. “The shock still hasn’t sunk in… I have no more hope.”

Several of the uprooted Bedouins have been residing in tents on a neighboring plot of land – a temporary refuge as they strive to recover.


In the West Bank on November 11, 2023, a Palestinian man from the Bedouin community is seen sitting with his children in a tent on a neighboring property. This comes after reports of hundreds of people from their community being displaced from their homes in the village of Wadi al Seeq by Israeli settlers.

Agnes Reau for CBS News

Activist Mohammed Mattar was helping protect the Bedouins after they said they’d received death threats from the settlers, but it turned out it was Mattar who needed protecting. 

According to him, the settlers abducted him and two others, forcibly removed their clothing, and proceeded to physically assault and inflict pain on them for over eight hours.


The West Bank activist, Mohammed Mattar, shared a photo displaying bruises he allegedly received from Israeli settlers who abducted him.

Provided by Mohammed Mattar.

“I was told that we were in a state of collapse,” he recounted. “Suddenly, someone began urinating on us. That’s when I began to scream.” He also mentioned that Israeli soldiers were involved in the mistreatment. The Israel Defense Forces have responded by dismissing a military commander and initiating an inquiry.

The settlers proudly boasted about it, sharing a photo on social media of the injured men blindfolded and restrained.

The settlers hold the belief that being Arab gives them the freedom to do whatever they please,” he stated. “They feel entitled to take your life, your possessions, and even your loved ones.”


According to CBS News, a picture posted by Israeli settlers in the West Bank features three Palestinian males, one of whom is activist Mohammed Mattar Mattar on the right. All three men claim to have been abducted and subjected to hours of torture by the settlers as a result of the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas in Gaza.

Mattar has recovered from his injuries and, despite what he has gone through, his determination for seeking justice has only grown stronger. He stated that he will bring the Bedouins’ situation to the court, but not until the war has ended.

The nomadic shepherds put on a courageous demeanor in front of their kids, however, they revealed to CBS News that it seemed as though they were in a gloomy passageway without any hope. As the winter approaches, they are filled with fear about what the future may hold without their land.

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