Paul Pelosi gave a testimony during the federal trial of David DePape, who is being accused of a hammer attack. Pelosi stated, "I realized that I was in a very dangerous situation."

Paul Pelosi gave a testimony during the federal trial of David DePape, who is being accused of a hammer attack. Pelosi stated, “I realized that I was in a very dangerous situation.”

The initial statements in the DePape trial detail a conspiracy within the right-wing.

Opening statements in DePape trial lay out right-wing conspiracy 03:05

On Monday, Paul Pelosi testified about the alarming break-in that occurred at his and his wife Nancy Pelosi’s San Francisco home last year.

The series of events ended with a violent assault using a hammer which resulted in a fracture of his skull..

During the federal trial of David DePape, who is charged with assaulting Paul Pelosi and trying to abduct the former House Speaker, the testimony was given.

Paul Pelosi recounted the event of October 28, 2022 when he woke up to discover an intruder in his bedroom.

What caused you to wake up?

The door swung open and a massive man entered, holding a hammer in one hand and a bundle of zip ties in the other.

Did you see the defendant while you were lying down?

A: Indeed, and in a state of slumber. His sudden entrance startled me awake.

What was the distance between you and him?

A: He stood in the doorway, approximately 3 to 4 feet away from me… I was shocked to see him, with the hammer and ties in hand … I realized I was in grave danger and attempted to remain composed.


On November 13, 2023, Paul Pelosi appeared in court to testify in the federal trial of David DePape. He was questioned by prosecutor Laura Vartain-Horn while DePape stood to his left.

Illustration by Vicki Behringer

Pelosi stated that DePape inquired multiple times about Nancy’s whereabouts, to which he was informed she was in Washington DC. In response, he acknowledged that he would have to wait for her.

He strongly believed that his actions were aimed at preventing government corruption and the exploitation of children by politicians and actors. She argued that this contradicts the government’s allegations that DePape was attempting to retaliate or obstruct Nancy Pelosi’s official duties.

During her opening statement on Thursday, federal prosecutor Laura Vartain Horn informed the jury that DePape had begun plotting the attack in August. She stated that evidence and testimony from the FBI will demonstrate that he conducted online research on his targets, gathering their phone numbers and addresses. It was also revealed that he had paid for a public records service to obtain information on Nancy Pelosi and other individuals.


Governor Gavin Newsom is blaming Fox News for promoting a culture that ultimately resulted in the attack on Paul Pelosi.

If found guilty, DePape could potentially receive a life sentence in prison. He has also entered a plea of not guilty for charges in state court, including attempted murder, assault with a deadly weapon, elder abuse, residential burglary, and other felonies. A date for the state trial has not yet been set.

Following his detainment, 43-year-old DePape reportedly informed a San Francisco detective that he intended to take Nancy Pelosi as a hostage. He claimed that if she disclosed the truth, he would release her, but if she provided false information, he would inflict harm on her by “breaking her kneecaps” to demonstrate to other members of Congress the repercussions of their actions, according to prosecuting officials.

DePape, who resided in a garage in Richmond, a city in the Bay Area, had reportedly been working on various carpentry tasks to sustain himself. According to authorities, he claimed to have additional individuals in mind as targets, such as a professor in women’s and queer studies, the Governor of California Gavin Newsom, actor Tom Hanks, and President Joe Biden’s son Hunter.

Kathleen Seccombe was a contributor to this report.