Russia and Ukraine exchange hundreds of prisoners of war just a week after deadly plane crash

Russia and Ukraine exchange hundreds of prisoners of war just a week after deadly plane crash

New information regarding the crash of a Russian military aircraft

Flight data recorders recovered from the crash of a Russian military aircraft, according to Russian state media.

and Kiev agreed to a mass exchange

Officials from Russia and Ukraine confirmed that on Wednesday, hundreds of prisoners of war were exchanged between the two countries. This occurred exactly one week after Moscow and Kiev reached an agreement for a large-scale exchange.

Ukraine was accused of being responsible for the downing of a military transport aircraft.

A plane carrying many Ukrainian soldiers who were taken captive was shot down by Ukrainian missiles while flying over far-Western Russia on its way to a prisoner exchange. The incident resulted in the death of all individuals on board.

The two nations have engaged in numerous significant exchanges of prisoners since the commencement of Russia’s all-encompassing and ongoing operation.invasion of Ukraine

About two years ago, it was uncertain if those exchanges would continue after the plane crash until Wednesday.

Russian military plane crashed in Belgorod region

According to state media in Russia, a military aircraft carrying 65 Ukrainian prisoners of war crashed in the western Belgorod region on Jan. 24, 2024.

Omar Zaghloul/Anadolu/Getty

the ongoing conflict.

The country of Ukraine did not directly admit to shooting down the Russian aircraft. However, their intelligence department accused Moscow of not informing them about any flights carrying prisoners of war. This implies that Russia may have intentionally put the Ukrainian soldiers at risk during the ongoing conflict.increased Ukrainian attacks on Russian territory.