Six teenagers have been found guilty for their involvement in the beheading of a teacher in France.

Six teenagers have been found guilty for their involvement in the beheading of a teacher in France.

2016 kidnapping and murder of a 17-year-old boy.

Six teenage individuals were found guilty by a French juvenile court on Friday for their involvement in the abduction and killing of a 17-year-old male in 2016.

execution of an educator

caused shock throughout the nation by an extremist follower of Islam.

In 2020, Samuel Paty was murdered outside of his school for displaying cartoons of the Islamic prophet during a discussion on freedom of speech.attacker

A young Chechen man, who had become radicalized, was fatally shot by law enforcement.

Misrepresenting the discussion in the classroom.

In a remark that intensified online resentment towards the educator.

France Teacher Beheaded Trial

On Wednesday, October 21, 2020, a member of the Republican Guard displayed a picture of Samuel Paty in the Sorbonne university courtyard during a ceremony to honor him.

Francois Mori / AP

All of the teens, who were enrolled at Paty’s school, stated that they were unaware the teacher would be murdered. They each received short prison sentences or probation, and were mandated to continue their education or work while under probation with regular evaluations.

In 2015, a tragic event occurred when the Charlie Hebdo newsroom was attacked and many people were killed.

On October 16, 2020, Paty, who taught history and geography, was fatally attacked by Abdoullakh Anzorov near the school where he worked in a Parisian suburb.

The five individuals who revealed Paty’s identity to the attacker were found guilty of participating in a group that was planning to commit serious acts of violence.

According to the BBC, the five individuals involved in the case reportedly assisted Anzorov in identifying Paty at the school for a payment of 300 euros. One of the suspects claimed that Anzorov mentioned his intention to record Paty apologizing for displaying satirical drawings of the Prophet Muhammad.

The sixth accused individual made a false statement that Paty had instructed Muslim students to raise their hands and exit the classroom before displaying the prophet cartoons. However, on the day in question, she was not present in the classroom and later admitted to lying during the investigation. She was found guilty of making deceptive accusations.

Her father spread false information through a video on the internet, urging people to take action against the teacher. He and a radical Islamic activist, who aided in spreading hateful messages about Paty, are two of eight individuals who will be tried separately as adults for their alleged role in the murder. The trial is anticipated to begin in the latter part of next year.

According to the BBC, two associates of Anzorov have been charged with “assisting in a terrorist killing.” One individual is accused of joining Anzorov to purchase weapons, while the other allegedly drove him to the school where Paty worked on the day of the attack.

Per French law pertaining to minors, the students’ case was conducted privately and the media is prohibited from revealing the defendants’ names. Local news outlets revealed that during the trial’s commencement last month, the defendants concealed their identities upon arrival at the juvenile court.

The proceedings come weeks after a teacher was fatally stabbed and three other people injured in northern France in a school attack by a former student suspected of Islamic radicalization. The October attack occurred in a context of global tensions over the Israel-Hamas war and led French authorities to deploy 7,000 additional soldiers across the country to bolster security.