The bride was taken into custody in Mexico for committing extortion and was restrained in her wedding gown.

The bride was taken into custody in Mexico for committing extortion and was restrained in her wedding gown.

The way Americans are providing weapons to Mexican drug gangs.

The film investigates the ways in which American citizens are equipping Mexican drug organizations.

Mexican authorities declared on Friday that a bride was taken into custody on her wedding day, along with six other suspects, for participating in an extortion plot involving her intended husband.

The suspect, known only as Nancy N. according to Mexico state prosecutors, was taken into custody last month during a collaborative effort while getting ready to wed her partner, another individual suspected of extortion named Clemente N. However, law enforcement was unable to catch the groom, who goes by the alias “Mouse.”

According to authorities, the pair was among a group that allegedly extorted chicken vendors in Toluca, a city near Mexico City. They were also suspected of kidnapping four employees from a poultry store in Toluca.


The state prosecutor’s office in Mexico shared a picture displaying Nancy N being arrested while still dressed in her wedding gown.

The agency responsible for enforcing criminal laws in the state of Mexico.

Santiago N., one of the eight suspects who were apprehended, was alleged to have used an Explorer-style truck to transport the victims who were abducted.

Pictures of the individuals connected to the blackmail plot, along with a compilation of footage featuring Nancy N in restraints while still in her bridal attire, and snapshots of purported proof.

massacre in Michoacán

The prosecutor’s office stated that the individuals in question have alleged connections to the drug cartel, La Familia Michoacana. In a previous incident this month, the same cartel was accused of being responsible for a violent attack in Michoacán.drone attack
A violent incident occurred in the southern state of Guerrero, resulting in the death of at least six individuals.

According to authorities, Misael N, also known as “Chicken,” reportedly oversaw extortion operations in the area. Meanwhile, Nabor N was identified as a key figure in the management and control of the chicken and egg trade.

According to officials, competing gangs are engaged in a power struggle over extortion in the area. They report that tensions heightened in July after discovering human remains and threatening messages in Toluca. As a result, the prosecutor’s office apprehended 11 individuals associated with a criminal group called “ElPecha.”

The Mexico state prosecutor’s office announced in 2023 that extortion rates had dropped by 3.44% from the previous year. Officials stated that targeting extortion in the poultry and egg industry has caused criminal organizations to lose approximately $47 million.

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