The CBP One app has been utilized by migrants in Mexico a total of 64 million times to request entry into the United States.

The CBP One app has been utilized by migrants in Mexico a total of 64 million times to request entry into the United States.

Over 64.3 million requests have been made by migrants in Mexico to enter the United States. to monitor your financial transactions

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According to documents obtained by CBS News, the Biden administration has attempted to designate the primary entry point for the American asylum process at the southern border.

During the initial year of the program’s execution, migrants utilized the mobile application CBP One numerous times to request a highly sought-after appointment for processing by U.S. immigration officials at an authorized border entry point, as indicated by internal records. As of now, approximately 450,000 migrants have been granted entry into the U.S. through this process, according to the documents.

The records span a 13-month timeframe from January 2023 to February 2024, during which the Biden administration implemented the use of CBP One for migrants to schedule appointments. On average, there were approximately 5 million appointment requests made per month.

Illegal border crossings by Cubans and Haitians, two of the top nationalities using CBP One, have remained very low compared to 2022 and 2021. On the other hand, tens of thousands of migrants from Central America and Venezuela have continued to cross into the U.S. unlawfully each month, bypassing the CBP One system.

The high-ranking CBP official credited the unequal effect to the significant diaspora populations that assist Cuban and Haitian migrants and share information about U.S. border regulations with them.

Cardinal Brown, the former U.S. immigration official who now serves as a senior adviser at the Bipartisan Policy Center, said the CBP One system is “providing some order” at the border. But she said many migrants are also giving up waiting for appointments and crossing into the U.S. without authorization.

The motivation to delay an appointment has decreased because numerous migrants who enter the country unlawfully are being let go with court notifications. Recent government data reveals that due to limited detention centers and asylum officers, most individuals who illegally cross the border are being released rather than being evaluated according to stricter asylum criteria.

According to Cardinal Brown, the quantity of CBP One appointments is only a small fraction compared to the large number of migrants migrating to the United States in this hemisphere.