The conflict between Israel and Hamas continues to intensify, with a rising number of deaths in Gaza. However, there is a glimmer of hope as talks for a new cease-fire are on the horizon.

The conflict between Israel and Hamas continues to intensify, with a rising number of deaths in Gaza. However, there is a glimmer of hope as talks for a new cease-fire are on the horizon.

Israeli military will launch a ground operation in Gaza if necessary

The defense minister of Israel has announced that the Israeli armed forces will conduct a land operation in Gaza if deemed necessary.

conflict between Israel and Hamas in the Gaza Strip

The main target of the operation is the city of Khan Younis in the south. The Israeli government’s goal of eradicating the Palestinian militant group is expected to take several months to achieve. However, there is optimism that discussions for a cease-fire may resume soon, as the top political leader of Hamas has traveled to Egypt and Israel has expressed a willingness to negotiate a temporary halt to the violence in exchange for the release of more hostages.

Hamas’ key figure, Ismail Haniyeh, who is located at the organization’s political headquarters in Qatar, has arrived in Cairo on Wednesday for a meeting with Egypt’s intelligence head to talk about the “attack on Gaza and other issues,” as stated in a release by Hamas.

Hope for a new Israel-Hamas cease-fire

According to insiders within Hamas, CBS News reports that the group is aiming to reach a deal for a potential two-week truce. If successful, this would be twice as long as the previous cease-fire in November, during which Hamas released over 100 hostages in exchange for Israel’s release of over 200 Palestinian prisoners. Reports from Israeli media suggest that the government is currently contemplating a one-week truce in exchange for the release of approximately 40 hostages.

According to reports, Israel is currently contemplating a temporary halt to the ongoing conflict, with the possibility of extending it for a period of two weeks as it prepares for the next phase.

a more concentrated stage of its conflict with Hamas

The militant group’s cruel terror attack on Israel on October 7th was the catalyst for this event.

How Israel’s military offensive in Gaza is expected to change


Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, met with the families of around 130 hostages who are believed to be held captive in Gaza on Tuesday. He revealed that he had sent the director of the Mossad spy agency to Europe twice in an effort to negotiate the release of the hostages.met in Poland Monday

Together with other officials, William Burns, the head of the CIA, was present.

On Tuesday, Netanyahu reassured the families that it was his responsibility to secure the release of all the hostages. He described the rescue mission as a crucial task and promised to spare no effort in bringing them all back.

The pressure is increasing as the number of deaths in Gaza rises.

However, as the discussions in Cairo have just begun, there is increasing pressure from the international community. This includes a vote scheduled for Thursday in the U.N. Security Council, which, if not vetoed by the U.S., could result in a binding resolution for a new cessation of hostilities. The possibility and timing of a new cease-fire remain uncertain.

Negotiators have reported that there are a few contentious issues in the draft U.N. resolution, such as the creation of a monitoring system to oversee aid entering Gaza. They also stated that the success of the resolution at the Security Council will rely on the willingness of the U.S., Israel, and Egypt to reach a ceasefire and secure the release of more Israeli hostages.

Meanwhile, the conflict in Gaza continued on the ground. In the city of Khan Younis, located in the south where Israel was targeting Hamas, there was overwhelming sorrow following yet another missile attack by Israel.

According to the Gaza Health Ministry, which is run by Hamas, nearly 20,000 Palestinians have been killed in Gaza since the beginning of the war. This number includes hundreds who have died in the past few days.

Israel is experiencing growing pressure regarding their approach towards Gaza.

The nation of Israel maintains that its attacks are directed solely at terrorists, and it blames Hamas for concealing weapons and combatants in heavily-populated civilian areas. However, as the airstrikes continue, people of all ages are at risk. The casualties, both fatal and wounded, are overwhelming the remaining operational hospitals in the southern region of Palestine.

Suzan Zourob sadly stated that she lost two grandchildren as she held the lifeless body of an infant. She explained that the baby was a victim of a strike and was not even registered before their untimely death.

Aftermath of an Israeli strike, in Rafah

Suzan Zourob, the grandmother of two Palestinian children, was holding a child’s body next to the injured parents of newborn Al-Amera Ayesha and young boy Ahmed Zourob. The children were killed in an Israeli attack during the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas. This took place in Rafah, located in the southern Gaza Strip, on December 19th, 2023.


Marwan al-Ghoul, a producer for CBS News, observed the consequences of an airstrike which resulted in a large hole in the ground and the deaths of at least 19 individuals.

A young girl recounted to CBS News that broken glass fell on top of them as they were at the location. She mentioned that they quickly fled from their house.

“Why are our children being targeted and killed?” Umm Walid al-Azayza pleaded as she stood among the ruins of her home, destroyed by yet another Israeli attack on the neighboring city of Rafah. “We did nothing wrong. Why are we being punished?”

The Israeli military announced on Wednesday that it attacked over 300 “terror targets” in Gaza in a single day, as the conflict entered its 75th day.

A Palestinian child wounded in an Israeli strike is rushed into Nasser hospital, in Khan Younis

On December 20, 2023, during the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas, a Palestinian child injured in an Israeli attack was quickly taken to Nasser hospital in Khan Younis, located in southern Gaza.


The Israel Defense Forces have stated that their objective is to dismantle and eliminate Hamas, while also prioritizing the rescue of the remaining hostages.

Two out of the remaining 129 hostages who are thought to be held in Gaza were featured in a new video released on Tuesday night by the Palestinian Islamic Jihad group, an ally of Hamas. This is the second video in two days released by militant Palestinians, adding to the urgency for Israel to negotiate a new agreement as concerns grow about the safety of the captives due to their ongoing military campaign.

Reporting was contributed by Pamela Falk, a correspondent for CBS News.