The conflict between Israel and Hamas has reignited in Gaza as Israeli officials accuse the Palestinian organization of breaking the agreed-upon cease-fire.

The conflict between Israel and Hamas has reignited in Gaza as Israeli officials accuse the Palestinian organization of breaking the agreed-upon cease-fire.

conflict between the two countries has been extended for an additional 24 hours.

The current pause in hostilities between the two nations has been prolonged by 24 hours.

The conflict between Israel and Hamas.

The ceasefire that began last week came to an end on Friday morning, with both sides acknowledging that fighting had resumed. Israel claimed that Hamas, recognized as a terrorist group by the U.S. and Israel, had broken the conditions of the agreement just before it was due to expire.

Israeli fighter jets launched attacks on locations in the Gaza Strip, resulting in the deaths of at least 109 individuals, according to the Ministry of Health in the Palestinian territory, controlled by Hamas. Rocket warning sirens were sounded in both southern and northern Israel. It is estimated that there are currently 137 hostages being held in Gaza, with 105 having been released during a temporary pause in fighting. In exchange for their release, Israel released 240 Palestinians from prisons in the West Bank, as reported by the Palestinian Prisoners’ Club.

At the designated time of 7 a.m. in the local area (midnight Eastern), the Israeli army announced that their missile defense system had identified and stopped a rocket aimed towards Israeli land from Gaza. Warning sirens were heard in southern Israel on Friday morning, and schools in central Israel were advised to open only if they had secure areas for shelter. Otherwise, classes were to be conducted online.

“The IDF announced on social media that Hamas broke the temporary ceasefire and also launched attacks towards Israeli land. As a result, the IDF has resumed their offensive against the Hamas terrorist group in the Gaza Strip.”


On December 1, 2023, a picture captured in southern Israel, close to the Gaza Strip border, depicts the aftermath of an Israeli attack on buildings in Gaza during renewed conflicts between Israel and Hamas fighters.


The Qatari government, which has been in negotiations for weeks and has agreed upon the terms of the cease-fire, expressed “sincere disappointment” at the renewal of fighting. It stated that discussions between both parties are ongoing with the goal of returning to a temporary halt.

bodies of a mother and her two young children who had been among the hostages seized by the group during its unprecedented Oct. 7 terror attack.  

Hamas stated that they rejected the offers due to their prior decision to continue the criminal aggression. They placed blame on Israel and the Biden administration for fully supporting Israel, resulting in the war resuming.

Return to the horrific conditions in Gaza.

Following an attack in Rafah, Gaza on Friday, CBS News reporter Marwan al-Ghoul discovered a young boy crying at the location.

“We were gathering water to launder our garments when the bombing began and rocks began hurling towards us,” Omar Hahrous, a teenager, shared with CBS News. “I scanned my surroundings but could not locate anyone. Some were wounded… some lost their lives.”


Omar Hahrous, a teenager from Palestine, spoke to CBS News following an Israeli airstrike in Rafah, southern Gaza on December 1, 2023. This occurred immediately after a short-lived truce between Israel and Hamas fell apart.

CBS News

The leader of the Red Cross organization, who has assisted in the release of hostages and prisoners during the temporary stoppage of fighting, stated to French news agency AFP on Friday that the renewal of hostilities has once again subjected the approximately 2.3 million residents of Gaza to the dreadful conditions they faced before the truce was implemented.

Mardini, who was attending the U.N.’s COP28 climate summit in Dubai, told AFP that the situation in Gaza is extremely delicate, with individuals and hospitals on the verge of collapse.

Volker Turk, the High Commissioner for Human Rights at the United Nations, expressed concern about the resumption of fighting and urged all parties involved, as well as countries with influence over them, to work harder to establish an immediate cease-fire based on humanitarian and human rights considerations.


Following two extensions, a temporary cease-fire collapsed and Palestinians in Rafah, southern Gaza are now assessing the damage caused by an Israeli airstrike on Dec. 1, 2023.

CBS News

Officials in Egypt have reported to Reuters that the recent termination of the truce has resulted in the halting of truck convoys entering Gaza through the Rafah border crossing. These convoys were a vital source of food, fuel, and other humanitarian necessities for the people of Gaza during the ceasefire period.

Officials from Palestinian and global aid organizations have stated that there was an increase in the amount of aid permitted into Gaza during the one-week period of halted hostilities. However, this amount was far from sufficient to meet the urgent needs of the region.

Since the start of the conflict on October 7, the Rafah border crossing in Egypt has been the sole access point for humanitarian aid into Gaza.

UNICEF’s statement on Gaza: If the conflict reignites, the suffering continues for children.

Assault in Jerusalem, aggression in the West Bank.

The delicate agreement was put under pressure this week due to multiple instances of aggression, including a shooting that occurred on Thursday morning involving two armed individuals.opened fire

In Jerusalem, a bus stop was targeted in a crowded area, resulting in the deaths of three Israelis and injuries to six others. Secretary of State Blinken has confirmed that two of the wounded individuals were American citizens. The militant group Hamas has claimed responsibility for the attack.

Paramedic Israel Polak, who arrived at the scene, stated to CBS News that the terrorists emerged from their vehicles and immediately began shooting innocent civilians in the face.

Hamas stated that the shooting was in retaliation for the deaths of children at the Palestinian refugee camp in Jenin. On Wednesday, two boys aged 8 and 15 were killed by gunfire at the camp.

The last hostages released under the truce

The period of peace started on November 24 and was extended two times. Five captives were set free prior to the start of the peace period, while 105 were liberated during it, along with approximately 240 Palestinian convicts.

were released from their captors

On Thursday, the eighth and final day of the ceasefire, eight Israeli captives were freed by their captors.were freed

30 Palestinians were freed from Israeli prisons, along with Israeli hostages whose ages ranged from 17 to 41. Among the hostages were multiple individuals with dual citizenship.

According to a representative from the Hostages and Missing Families Forum, two siblings named Aisha and Bilal Ziyadne, ages 17 and 18, were taken from Kibbutz Holit while working with their father Yousef and older brother Hamza. Their father and brother are still being held by Hamas.

Hamas has released an additional six hostages on the seventh day of the cease-fire. The release occurred at 03:42.

Mia Schem, a 21-year-old woman from France and Israel, was also released.a propaganda video

In October, Hamas released a photo of a woman with an apparent injury to her right arm. According to her aunt, the injury was treated by a Palestinian veterinarian, as reported by Israeli media on Thursday.

Karen Schem, the mother of the individual, expressed to CBS News, “It is extremely difficult to witness my daughter’s suffering and physical pain.”

According to the Israeli military, over 1,200 individuals, primarily civilians, were murdered by Hamas militants in their attack on southern Israel on October 7. The U.S., Israel, and numerous other countries have classified the group as a terrorist organization for a significant period of time.

According to the Gaza Health Ministry, which is controlled by Hamas, nearly 15,000 individuals in Gaza have lost their lives due to Israel’s ground attack and airstrikes in retaliation.

Tucker Reals, Emily Mae Czachor, Chris Livesay, and Holly Williams all contributed to this report.