The conflict between Israel and Hamas reportedly resulted in 10,300 fatalities in Gaza and forced 70% of its residents to flee their homes within a month.

The conflict between Israel and Hamas reportedly resulted in 10,300 fatalities in Gaza and forced 70% of its residents to flee their homes within a month.


It has been a month since Hamas carried out a violent attack on Israel, resulting in the deaths of over 1,400 individuals. This death toll is from the period of 2008-2009.Israel’s response in the Gaza Strip

The number of casualties has reached over 10,300, as reported by the Ministry of Health in the Hamas-controlled Palestinian territory. Of the deceased, more than 4,200 are children, and it is estimated that an additional 1,300 children are still buried beneath the ruins of demolished structures.

The numbers reported by the Gaza governing body controlled by Hamas cannot be confirmed by outside sources. However, American officials state that the number of civilian casualties is most likely in the thousands. The Israeli military claims that they take every precaution to avoid harming civilians, focusing only on targeting Hamas and other militant organizations. They also give prior notice to civilians before launching strikes. Israel maintains that Hamas is solely responsible for the casualties in Gaza, as they initiated the conflict with a terror attack on October 7. Israel also accuses Hamas of hiding weapons and fighters within civilian areas, such as schools and hospitals.

However, the overwhelming amount of casualties and escalating humanitarian emergency in Gaza has resulted in growing demands from various governments and global organizations for a temporary halt in hostilities. Israel has refused to comply with these requests.

Encircled By Israel, Gaza Faces Catastrophe As Death Toll Soars

Individuals are combing through structures that were demolished by Israeli bombings in the southern Gaza Strip on November 7, 2023, in Khan Younis, Gaza. Getty

The situation in Gaza is not just a humanitarian crisis, but a crisis that affects all of humanity, according to United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres on Monday. UNRWA, the U.N. organization that works in Palestinian territories, reports that 70% of Gaza’s residents have been forced to leave their homes since the beginning of the war. The U.N. shelters in Gaza are currently operating at four times their normal capacity.

U.S. urges Israel to stop using “dumb bombs” in Gaza 02:21

Baraka gestured towards the numerous mass burial sites surrounding him, identifying the largest one as containing 137 bodies, including 67 children and 40 women.

“He described the scene as a massacre,” he stated. “Despite being labeled as terrorists, their actions could also be considered terrorism. Where are our fellow Arab nations in all of this? Their silence is deafening in the face of such violence. Our only means of defense is through prayer, as we lack any physical weapons.”

According to a recent report by the organization Save the Children, the number of children who lost their lives in Gaza within the first three weeks of the war surpassed the total number of child fatalities in all other global conflicts since 2019. The charity noted that the high number of children without any surviving relatives in Gaza has led medical professionals to refer to them as “WCNSF” or “Wounded Child No Surviving Family.”

Their future, as well as the future of Gaza, remains uncertain after months of war.

In an interview with ABC News on Monday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stated that a cease-fire in Gaza would only be possible if Hamas released the estimated 240 hostages that are currently being held.

Netanyahu announced that a cease-fire will be implemented for that specific purpose.

The Israeli military has encircled Gaza City at 03:13.

According to Netanyahu and other Israeli officials, their ultimate objective is to eliminate Hamas. The organization has maintained authority over Gaza for nearly two decades and is recognized as a terrorist group by the United States, Israel, and numerous other nations.

Unclear who would be in charge of Gaza.

The area is inhabited by approximately 2.3 million individuals. If the Israeli army removes the group from the Palestinian region, Netanyahu hinted at his plans on Monday.

According to the individual interviewed by ABC News, Israel will continue to hold the primary responsibility for security for an unspecified amount of time. This is due to the consequences that have arisen in the past when they have not had this responsibility. Without this responsibility, there is a heightened risk of large-scale Hamas terror attacks.

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