The country of Israel has been accused of purposely depriving civilians in Gaza of food as their leader, Netanyahu, becomes more and more isolated due to war preparations.

The country of Israel has been accused of purposely depriving civilians in Gaza of food as their leader, Netanyahu, becomes more and more isolated due to war preparations.

Palestinians who were forced to leave their homes due to months of intense fighting now reside on the remains of Gaza’s primary coastal road.

Israel is currently engaged in a fight to eliminate Hamas.

On Tuesday, they were once again on the move, this time in search of food.

The Gaza Strip has been greatly affected and many are suffering from extreme hunger, leading the Jordanian military to resort to dropping food supplies from the air. On Tuesday, videos were shared on the internet showing a large group of desperate Palestinians gathering on a beach as food packages were dropped into the water near the shore.


Aerial footage captured by Reuters reveals individuals congregating near the shoreline in Deir al-Balah, Gaza Strip, while Jordanian planes distribute humanitarian assistance to numerous displaced Palestinian citizens on February 26, 2024.


A United Nations representative accuses Israel of deliberately withholding food from individuals.

In February, the United Nations reported a 50% decrease in aid reaching the Palestinian territory compared to the previous month. Hamas, who had been in power in Gaza for nearly 20 years, launched a violent terrorist attack on Israel on October 7, leading to the ongoing war.

The United Nations’ expert on the protection of the right to food, Michael Fakhri, denounced Israel for deliberately and unlawfully attempting to deprive Palestinian civilians of food as a form of retaliation for the Hamas attack.

Palestinians face severe hunger in northern Gaza

On February 26, 2024, children from Palestine’s Jabalia Refugee Camp eagerly anticipate their meals.

Dawoud Abo Alkas/Anadolu/Getty

Fakhri stated in an interview with British newspaper The Guardian on Tuesday that there is no justification for purposely obstructing the delivery of humanitarian aid or deliberately destroying small fishing boats, greenhouses, and orchards in Gaza, unless it is to deprive people of food.

He stated that deliberately withholding food from people is without a doubt a violation of the laws of war. As a human rights specialist for the United Nations, I believe this has now escalated to a state of genocide. This indicates that the entire State of Israel is at fault and should face consequences, rather than solely individual or government leaders.

of practicing apartheid

Israel has strongly denied allegations of apartheid, including a lawsuit filed by South Africa in the United Nations’ top court.that its actions in Gaza constitute genocide

The government and military maintain that their conflict is with Hamas, not the Palestinian people. They claim to be taking all necessary precautions to prevent harm to civilians.

Aid workers report that Gaza is experiencing an unparalleled level of desperation due to ongoing Israeli airstrikes.

However, the Israeli military is still getting ready for a potential ground attack in the southern city of Rafah. Approximately 1.5 million displaced individuals have taken refuge in the city due to the ongoing conflict. The U.S. and numerous other countries and groups have cautioned against launching a ground offensive in this highly populated area, as it could result in a significant rise in civilian fatalities.

As the U.S. urges for a cease-fire, Israel is becoming more and more isolated.

The government of Israel has not released any official statements regarding this matter. night that he would be open to eliminating the
cap on Social Security payroll taxes

On Monday evening, President Biden hinted at the possibility of removing the limit on Social Security payroll taxes.

It is possible that an agreement for a six-week ceasefire in Gaza and the release of hostages could be achieved within this week.

The White House has indicated its desire to reach an agreement before Ramadan starts on March 10. However, reports from Israeli media suggest that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu may attempt to prevent any deal. He has stated multiple times that Israel will not stop its attack until Hamas is fully disbanded in Gaza, including four combat units in Rafah.

According to Dahlia Scheindlin, a political expert and the writer of “The Crooked Timber of Democracy in Israel,” Netanyahu’s actions towards the Biden administration are merely for show.

However, she stated that in the end, America is the true ally that Israel can rely on. She also mentioned that Netanyahu’s government cannot completely disregard it.

Netanyahu declares that a ceasefire agreement would merely postpone the Rafah offensive.

According to her, Netanyahu is forced to take into account the desires of the Biden administration. The Biden administration has essentially provided him with what many view as a carte blanche, granting Israel political protection, significant economic aid, and military assistance.

However, Scheindlin noted that there has been a shift in support and the White House is now taking steps to pressure Israel in subtle ways, indicating a willingness to utilize policy as a means of encouraging Israel to alter its current policies.

According to her, the focus is gradually moving away from behind-the-scenes appeals for alterations in Israel’s military actions to more prominent cautions. Recently, there have even been concrete actions, such as imposing sanctions on a small group of aggressive settlers, which serves as a statement.

Scheindlin also noted the change in rhetoric that came just last week, when Mr. Biden’s top diplomat declared the settlements in the Israeli-occupied West Bank to be “inconsistent with international law.”

She stated that the increasing pressure could genuinely impact Israel’s actions and limitations, and also send a clear message that their relationship with their strongest ally is at risk.

Observing that numerous European countries were feeling uneasy about the current state of the war, she stated that Israel was facing growing isolation in regards to these matters.

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Netanyahu stood by the actions of his military in Gaza, stating that the United States would have taken stronger measures if faced with a terrorist attack like the one carried out by Hamas in October.

Netanyahu inquired, “What actions would America take in this situation? Would they not be similar to Israel’s actions? They would likely do much more.”