The focus of Nikki Haley's campaign for president has changed in an attempt to catch up with Trump during the last few weeks before the South Carolina primary.

The focus of Nikki Haley’s campaign for president has changed in an attempt to catch up with Trump during the last few weeks before the South Carolina primary.

Haley unveils fresh approach for South Carolina tactics

Nikki Haley unveils a fresh approach in South Carolina as she falls behind Trump in the polls.

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According to CBS News, she is attempting to decrease Donald Trump’s advantage in the upcoming primary in her native state of South Carolina.

The upcoming campaign, set to begin on Thursday, is centered around the slogan “A Great Day in South Carolina.” It showcases Haley’s accomplishments during her time as governor from 2011 to 2017 and also emphasizes the need to address President Donald Trump’s false statements. CBS News first obtained the specifics of the campaign.

Haley’s spokesperson, Brittany Yanick, announced that after surprising results in New Hampshire, Haley will be actively campaigning in South Carolina for the next 23 days. She plans to remind voters of her history of challenging the establishment and advocating for taxpayers instead of the political elite. Yanick also mentioned that Trump will not be successful if he attempts to distort Haley’s accomplishments, as the people of South Carolina are well-informed and supporting her.

According to a recent poll by Monmouth University and the Washington Post, it appears that a stronger Republican candidate would fare better in a general election against President Biden compared to Trump. Additionally, having Trump on the ticket could potentially harm the chances of other Republicans in the Senate and House. The poll also revealed that Trump currently holds a 26 point lead over Haley in the upcoming South Carolina primary.

The campaign will launch with a new 30-second-digital ad reminding South Carolina voters of her accomplishments during her tenure leading the Palmetto State. 

In the advertisement, Haley states that the citizens of South Carolina are aware that she has reduced taxes and implemented the most stringent illegal immigration legislation in the nation. She also mentions passing laws for voter identification, tort reform, and ethics reform, as well as helping 35,000 individuals transition from welfare to employment.

2018 record

Haley has been consistently promoting her 2018 achievements in her recent campaign events throughout South Carolina, as seen in her ad.

Defeat in the New Hampshire primary last week and her

Finishing in third place in Iowa.

Haley is attempting to convince the people of South Carolina that she can achieve the same level of success as governor on a larger scale.