The GOP is urging Hunter Biden to give testimony next week, while the House is getting ready to vote on making the impeachment inquiry against Joe Biden official.

The GOP is urging Hunter Biden to give testimony next week, while the House is getting ready to vote on making the impeachment inquiry against Joe Biden official.

Charges for violating tax laws by the federal government.

Hunter Biden is currently involved in a dispute with Republican members of Congress regarding a subpoena requiring him to give a deposition next week.


The House Oversight Committee notified Hunter Biden’s lawyer, Abbe Lowell, on Tuesday that they will initiate contempt of Congress proceedings against him if he fails to comply with their subpoena. subpoena

I am scheduled to attend a legal interview on Wednesday, December 13th.

Lowell informed the committee that the son of President Biden had decided to testify solely in a public hearing. He stated that this would guarantee transparency because the committee has a history of using closed-door sessions to manipulate and mislead the public. In their brief reply to Lowell, the committee clarified that Hunter Biden did not have the option of choosing whether or not to appear for the deposition.

If the House decides to make the impeachment inquiry against President Biden official, it could strengthen the validity of subpoenas. This would support the efforts of Republican members on the House Oversight, Ways and Means, and Judiciary Committees as they pursue relevant documents and testimonies.

Chairman of the House Oversight Committee, James Comer, a Republican from Kentucky, stated on Thursday that initiating an official impeachment investigation would give them more leverage in court when dealing with the administration or anyone who refuses to comply with our subpoenas.

Congressional and federal investigations have focused on Hunter Biden’s global business ventures, with GOP members attempting to prove that President Biden benefited financially from his son’s activities. foreign business dealings

The accusation against the president is that he accepted bribes through his son, Hunter Biden, and his brother, James Biden. However, no evidence has been presented to support this claim of wrongdoing.

Prior to the House taking action on a resolution to formalize the investigation, the committees had already gathered various documents and conducted multiple depositions.

The House Ways and Means Committee released documents and testimony on Monday indicating that Kevin Morris, a lawyer from California and associate of Hunter Biden, gave him around $4.9 million.

CBS News previously reported

According to a source from the Democratic Party in Washington, Morris made an agreement with Hunter Biden to pay off his overdue taxes. Morris is also producing a documentary about Hunter Biden’s life, as he has been the subject of criticism from conservative TV hosts and scrutiny from Republican lawmakers.

Joseph Ziegler, an IRS whistleblower involved in the investigation of Hunter Biden, revealed that the funds were utilized for Hunter Biden’s tax payments. In an interview with CBS News, Ziegler expressed interest in determining if the money should have been considered taxable income rather than a non-taxable loan.

Ziegler explained that during Hunter Biden’s time at Burisma, he classified income received from the company as a loan. However, Ziegler believes this may have been a tactic to hide actual income and could be a recurring pattern.

The legal representatives of Hunter Biden have not yet replied to a request for a statement regarding Ziegler’s accusations.

The investigation into Hunter Biden by the federal government began in 2019 and is being overseen by Delaware U.S. Attorney David Weiss, who was recently appointed as special counsel. On Thursday, Weiss charged Hunter Biden with nine counts related to tax evasion, claiming that he failed to pay “at least $1.4 million” in federal income taxes from 2016 to 2019. According to the indictment, Hunter Biden earned a total of over $7 million in gross income during this time.

The two individuals who disclosed information to the IRS and appeared before a committee on Monday, Ziegler and Gary Shapley, were dissatisfied with the speed of the inquiry. They voiced their belief that Weiss would take appropriate action, but questioned the delay in pressing charges.

Following Weiss’s submission of the accusation against Hunter Biden, the two whistleblowers released a joint statement to CBS News on Thursday, stating that the indictment was a “total exoneration of our comprehensive inquiry.”

Previously, the two individuals who disclosed information claimed during their testimonies in Congress that the Justice Department had placed limitations on the investigation of Hunter Biden’s taxes. Shapley mentioned.Weiss stated

During a meeting in October 2022, he stated that he did not have the final say in deciding whether charges would be brought against the president’s son.

Weiss testified in front of the House Judiciary Committee and denied the accusation, stating, “I am solely responsible for making decisions in this case” and asserted that he has never encountered any obstacles or hindrances in pursuing charges.

Although they feel justified, just two days prior to the indictment, Shapley and Ziegler revealed to CBS News that sharing their story has had a toll on them personally.

During an interview on Wednesday, Gary Shapley stated that he has been asked this question multiple times but is unable to articulate his response. He also mentioned that the experience will have a lasting negative impact on his life.

Joseph Ziegler concurred and appeared to be on the verge of tears as he expressed, “It has impacted my life and relationships.”

“My spouse, their company – facing criticism for supporting their gay husband.” Ziegler disclosed experiencing depression and feeling isolated at the IRS, where they currently hold a position.

Ziegler expressed surprise that this situation occurred in this manner, stating that it has certainly affected [him/her].

This report was contributed by Erica Brown.

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