The government oversight agency initiates an investigation into the selection of the new FBI headquarters site.

The relocation of FBI headquarters to Maryland is being investigated following arguments from state leaders in favor of a new location.

The potential move of the FBI headquarters to Maryland is being investigated following the state’s leaders’ request for a new location.

The inspector general for the government agency responsible for overseeing federal properties is initiating an inquiry into the procedures used to choose a location in Maryland for the site of a project.FBI’s new headquarters

Based on a letter published on Thursday.

For many years, the General Services Administration and FBI had been evaluating three potential sites in Virginia and Maryland as alternatives to the deteriorating headquarters in downtown Washington, D.C. Politicians from both states actively campaigned to have the new building constructed in their respective areas.

In the beginning of this month, the GSA declared that they chose Greenbelt, Maryland, as the new location for the bureau. This decision resulted in a rare disagreement between the agency’s leader and FBI Director Christopher Wray, who raised issues about the final selection of the site after a lengthy process.

Robert Legare