The health ministry controlled by Hamas shares a video from Al-Shifa hospital while Israeli forces surround northern Gaza.

The health ministry controlled by Hamas shares a video from Al-Shifa hospital while Israeli forces surround northern Gaza.

The Gaza Health Ministry, under the control of Hamas, has shared distressing recent videos depicting the living conditions within Tel Aviv.Al-Shifa hospital

The IDF is currently carrying out airstrikes in northern Gaza in an attempt to eliminate the Islamic militant group permanently.

A video lasting seven minutes was shared on the ministry’s Facebook page, featuring an unnamed doctor discussing the chaotic scene of injured individuals scattered on the floor of the hospital.


On November 10th, 2023, a doctor whose name was not revealed, shared a graphic video on the ministry’s Facebook page. In the video, the doctor describes the scene around him as he witnesses wounded and injured individuals scattered across the hospital floor.

Health Ministry in Gaza, governed by Hamas.

The doctor, who remains unidentified, reports that the department is at maximum capacity with wounded and injured individuals.

26 November 2008

On November 26, 2008, Hamas fighters launched a violent invasion into Israel.Oct. 7

The attack, claimed by Israel to have resulted in the deaths of 1,200 individuals and the kidnapping of approximately 240 hostages, was the most severe act of terrorism in the country’s history.

According to Lior Haitat, a representative for the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the number of casualties from the October 7th assault by Hamas fighters has been updated to 1,200, lower than the previously estimated number of at least 1,400. Haitat stated that the remaining 200 individuals who died were likely terrorists.

Israel’s subsequent war

According to Reuters, the Gaza health ministry, which is controlled by Hamas, reported that the Israeli airstrikes in the past month have resulted in over 11,000 deaths in the Gaza Strip, which has been heavily bombed.

Israel has

consented to daily breaks in humanitarian aid distribution

The White House and Israeli government announced on Thursday their offensive in northern Gaza.

“The Israeli government has announced that safe passage will be granted for civilians traveling from the northern Gaza strip to the south,” said a statement from the office of the prime minister of Israel to CBS News on Thursday.


Bottles of water were distributed to Palestinian families who were escaping from Gaza City and other parts of northern Gaza towards the southern areas on November 9, 2023, during the ongoing conflict between Israel and the Palestinian militant group Hamas.

The image was captured by MAHMUD HAMS/AFP and is licensed through Getty Images.

The Israeli military has consistently claimed that Hamas fighters have been utilizing hospitals, specifically Al-Shifa, as a base for coordinating their actions in the war. They also allege that there are underground tunnels located beneath the hospital, serving as hideouts for Hamas leaders. On Thursday, Israel reported intense combat in the vicinity of the hospital and claimed to have eliminated numerous militants and demolished several tunnels.

The Gaza Health Ministry, under control of Hamas, reported on Friday that Israeli tanks had surrounded two additional pediatric hospitals in the northern region of Gaza. The ministry also alleged to CBS News that Israeli forces deliberately attacked a maternity hospital, which was providing shelter for displaced individuals at the Al-Shifa hospital complex.

The hospital has been under bombardment, according to a spokesperson from the World Health Organization.

According to WHO spokeswoman Margaret Harris, the place that can be described as a living hell on earth at present is Northern Gaza. Those who still reside there face death, deprivation, hopelessness, displacement, and complete lack of light in their daily lives.

“What do you say to your kids in a situation like this? It’s almost beyond belief. That the beautiful fireworks in the sky could potentially harm them, because that’s what it seems like,” she stated.

During a press conference on Friday, Lieutenant Colonel Richard Hecht, the international spokesperson for the IDF, refuted the accusations.

“The Israeli Defense Forces do not attack or target hospitals. We understand the importance of these facilities and the situation within them,” stated Hecht during a press conference. “We are aware that Hamas is using hospitals for their operations…We are not intentionally bombing Al-Shifa.”

Hecht suggested that if Hamas were to make their exit from hospitals more apparent, it would make the situation easier for everyone involved.