The House Republicans have revealed a resolution to permit an investigation into the impeachment of President Biden.

On Thursday, House Republicans presented a resolution aimed at officially solidifying their stance.

Investigation into allegations of misconduct by President Biden leading to the possibility of his removal from office.

The decision was made to empower the Republican-led committees in their investigation of the president’s family’s business activities, as they continue their search for any signs of misconduct.

The process of formalizing the inquiry into impeachment, which has been ongoing for several months, may provide more legal support for subpoenas as Republican members of the House Oversight, Ways and Means, and Judiciary Committees request documents and testimony. The 14-page resolution outlines guidelines for public hearings and requires the committees to create a report detailing their conclusions.

Chairman James Comer of the House Oversight Committee, speaking on Thursday, stated that the ongoing impeachment inquiry will provide us with more leverage in court when we take legal action against this administration or anyone who defies our subpoena.

In September, a final attempt was made to satisfy conservative critics by initiating an impeachment inquiry. However, this attempt was unsuccessful as the individual was removed from office mere weeks later. Unlike in past impeachment cases, the House did not officially vote to approve the investigation, leading to doubts about its validity. In response, Republicans are seeking to address these concerns by voting on a resolution.

Several Republican legislators who previously objected to an investigation into impeachment have now had a change of heart.

Nebraska Representative Don Bacon, who initially cautioned against initiating an inquiry, stated on Thursday that the vote was essential due to President Biden’s refusal to provide requested documents.

Bacon stated that the current information does not support impeachment, and the necessary criteria for high crimes and misdemeanors has not been reached.

The White House has claimed that Republicans have obtained numerous bank records, documents, and testimonies that demonstrate the president’s innocence. White House spokesperson Ian Sams referred to the resolution as a pointless ploy on Thursday. In the previous month, the White House had already gathered all the notifications and comments in English.denied

The House Republicans have asked to speak with members of the president’s staff and family in a separate investigation concerning the handling of classified documents.

Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio, the chairman of the Judiciary Committee, has named a number of people in Mr. Biden’s orbit that the committees want to interview as part of the impeachment probe in the coming months, including the president’s brother James Biden and his son Hunter Biden. The Oversight Committee issued subpoenas

In September, the personal business records of James and Hunter Biden were requested.

In 2019, the House, led by Democrats, passed a comparable resolution to permit the impeachment investigation of former President Donald Trump, as witnesses refused to comply with requests for testimony before Congress.

Reporting was contributed by Ellis Kim and Jaala Brown.

Caitlin Yilek