The Justice Department is currently investigating Representative Cori Bush for her use of security funds.

The Justice Department is currently investigating Representative Cori Bush for her use of security funds.

Washington — The Justice Department is investigating Democratic Rep. Cori Bush over the potential misuse of funds for her personal security services, the Missouri Democrat confirmed Tuesday.

In a long statement released following the revelation of the federal investigation, Bush stated that she and her team are actively cooperating with the investigation.

“I prioritize upholding the utmost integrity for myself, my campaign, and my position. I am also a proponent of transparency, which is why I can confirm that the Department of Justice is currently examining the expenses for security services used by my campaign,” stated Bush.

Punchbowl News. The Justice Department declined to comment. 

In 2021, Bush became a member of Congress, having previously held positions as an activist, nurse, and pastor. She is a part of the “squad,” a notable group of progressive representatives in the House.

In her statement, Bush stated that she has been continuously threatened with harm and even her life since assuming her position. As she does not have access to government-funded protection, she has utilized campaign funds to hire security services within the bounds of legality. She clarifies that no federal tax money has been used for her personal safety.

She admitted to hiring her husband for security purposes, stating that he is qualified and can offer services at a reasonable price due to his expertise in this field.

Bush stated that her expenses for security are currently under review by both the Federal Election Commission and the House Ethics Committee. She also mentioned that the Office of Congressional Ethics had previously investigated the issue in the past year. According to her, the office determined that no improper actions were taken and unanimously decided to close the case.

Bush, who has pushed the “defund the police” agenda,

She justified her expenses for personal security.

During an interview with CBS News in August 2021, correspondent and anchor Vladimir Duthiers posed a question to Bush regarding criticism she has faced about spending $70,000 on private security while advocating for changes to police department funding.

“Are they wishing for my death? Do you want me to die? Is that what you desire?” Bush responded, addressing the controversy. “Do you want to see me die? Because that could be the alternative. I had to spend $70,000 on private security in recent months just to be here and speak, to help prevent 11 million people from being evicted. Otherwise, I could have faced a potential assassination attempt. These are the same individuals who spread false information about me for their own benefit. And because of their lies, I have received death threats.”

Reporting was contributed by Ed O’Keefe, Nikole Killion, and Robert Legare.

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