The Koch brothers' organization has announced that it will no longer fund Nikki Haley's bid for president.

The Koch brothers’ organization has announced that it will no longer fund Nikki Haley’s bid for president.

Americans for Prosperity Action, a libertarian conservative political policy network founded by

The extremely wealthy Koch brothers.

On Sunday, it was announced that there will be no more financial support for Nikki Haley’s bid for presidency.

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Haley’s remarks led to the cut.

She was defeated in the South Carolina Republican primary election.

Donald Trump lost the Saturday election by a margin of 20 points.

According to an email sent to staff by AFP CEO Emily Seidel, which was first reported by Politico, Nikki Haley has consistently proven to be the right choice for us and we fully endorse her.

She travels around the country on a campaign tour.

In November, AFP declared their backing and monetary backing, offering a surge of assistance and resources to Haley as she aimed to solidify her position as the main contender against Trump.

The biggest grassroots effort in the nation, AFP had previously announced plans for a multimillion-dollar advertising campaign to begin in the early primary and Super Tuesday states, along with utilizing on-the-ground volunteers to increase Haley’s likelihood of success.

On Sunday, Seidel informed employees that AFP’s attention will now be directed towards House and Senate campaigns, where they believe they can have a significant impact.

Seidel stated that having Donald Trump as the Republican candidate could lead to one-party control by a Democratic Party influenced by the Progressive Left, causing serious and irreparable harm to the nation.