The Norwegian Dawn cruise ship was given permission to dock in Mauritius following concerns about a potential cholera outbreak.

The Norwegian Dawn cruise ship was given permission to dock in Mauritius following concerns about a potential cholera outbreak.

denied entry to several Asian ports due to concerns over the coronavirus

A luxury cruise ship owned by the United States, carrying over 3,000 passengers and crew, was granted permission to dock in Mauritius on Monday. The ship had previously been denied entry to multiple ports in Asia due to fears surrounding the coronavirus outbreak.quarantined offshore

Authorities stated that the ship was held for a day due to concerns about a potential cholera outbreak on board.

The government of Mauritius has given permission for the Norwegian Dawn, a ship owned and operated by the Miami-based Norwegian Cruise Line company, to dock at Port Louis harbor. This decision was made after health officials conducted tests on samples from the ship and found no evidence of cholera.

The authorities of Mauritius prevented the ship from docking on Sunday due to 15 individuals onboard showing symptoms of vomiting and diarrhea. The Mauritius Ports Authority stated that this action was taken to prevent any potential health hazards. Officials were sent onboard to gather samples for testing.

The outbreak of the COVID-19 virus, affecting a large number of individuals.

notifying about the occurrence of an epidemic

Being required to undergo quarantine at ports.

The UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs has reported a widespread outbreak of cholera in southern Africa, with approximately 188,000 cases and 3,000 fatalities across eight countries since January 2023.

Cholera spreads through food or water contaminated with the bacteria that causes the disease. Health officials were also testing the food on the Norwegian Dawn for cholera. Those tests results hadn’t yet come back, but authorities said they were satisfied that there was no cholera threat after the waste water tests were negative.

The Norwegian Dawn arrived in Mauritius with a reported total of 2,184 passengers and 1,026 crew members, according to the ports authority. Approximately 2,000 of the passengers were scheduled to disembark and conclude their cruise, while 2,279 new passengers were expected to board.

Dr. Bhooshun Ori, the director of health services at the Ministry of Health in Mauritius, stated that all individuals disembarking from the ship will undergo health screenings by officials.

Passengers will be allowed to leave the ship on Tuesday, according to Norwegian Cruise Line.

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On July 26, 2024, a photograph from a file shows the arrival of the Norwegian Dawn cruise ship at the dock in Portland, England.

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The Norwegian Dawn is a ship that spans 964 feet and has 14 levels. It offers amenities such as a casino, theater, and video game arcade.

On the company’s website, it states that a standard cabin on a 12-day cruise costs approximately $2,000 per person. However, for $47,000, you can upgrade to a luxurious 3-bedroom Garden Villa which includes a private garden, hot tub, outdoor dining area, and personal butler service.