The police have stated that the incident involving Rep. Lauren Boebert is currently being actively investigated.

The police have stated that the incident involving Rep. Lauren Boebert is currently being actively investigated.

Authorities have confirmed that Rep. Lauren Boebert is currently being investigated for an alleged incident that took place in Colorado. This information was revealed to CBS News on Sunday.

On Sunday, The Daily Beast disclosed that a Republican from Colorado is being looked into for a reported physical altercation with her former spouse. This incident supposedly took place at a restaurant in the politician’s district on Saturday. Chief of Police Mike Kite from Silt confirmed that an ongoing investigation is taking place, but did not give any additional details.

Boebert refuted the claims circulating on social media that she physically assaulted Jayson Boebert by punching him in the face, stating that it was a “troubling situation.”

He informed The Denver Post that he has no intention of pursuing legal action in regards to the reported occurrence on Saturday.

A super PAC called American Muckrakers, which is opposed by Boebert, made a post on social media on Saturday night stating that Boebert had punched her ex-husband Jayson in the nose twice and then proceeded to physically assault him.

The development comes months after Boebert was escorted out of a theatrical performance of “Beetlejuice” in Denver for disruptive behavior. Days later, Boebert released a statement
Expressing remorse for the occurrence, citing her high-profile and challenging divorce, and acknowledging that she did not uphold her personal principles.

Boebert, who barely secured another term in Colorado’s 3rd district by a narrow margin of approximately 500 votes, has declared her intention to seek election in a nearby district with a more favorable conservative base in 2024. In a statement to CBS on Sunday, Boebert cited the reported incident over the weekend as one of the factors influencing her decision to relocate.

“I am personally viewing this announcement as a new beginning after a challenging year for myself and my loved ones,” stated Boebert in a video revealing the decision made last month. “I had no prior experience in politics and never expected to go through a divorce. I have taken responsibility for my own personal errors and have expressed my remorse and apologies for them.”