The prosecutor in charge of the Hunter Biden investigation has been subpoenaed by House Republicans.

The prosecutor in charge of the Hunter Biden investigation has been subpoenaed by House Republicans.

The GOP-controlled House of Representatives in Washington, D.C. issued a legal summons on Tuesday to a federal lawyer who was part of the case.‘s potential violations of foreign bribery laws

An inquiry is being conducted into possible breaches of laws related to bribery in relation to Hunter Biden’s actions., demanding answers for what they allege is Justice Department interference in the yearslong case into the president’s son.

The chair of the House Judiciary Committee, Republican Rep. Jim Jordan, has requested for Lesley Wolf, the assistant U.S. attorney for Delaware, to attend a hearing by December 7th. This information was obtained from a copy of the congressional subpoena provided to The Associated Press.

Jordan wrote a letter to Wolf stating that, according to the committee’s investigation thus far, it is evident that you have distinctive and exclusive knowledge that cannot be obtained by the committee from any other sources. Without this information, the committee’s inquiry would not be comprehensive.

Last week, I received legal orders from Republicans as they attempt to make progress in their nearly year-long inquiry. So far, the investigation has not found any proof directly connecting the president to any unlawful actions.

The inquiry is focused both on the Biden family’s international business affairs and the Justice Department’s investigation into Hunter Biden, which Republicans claim has been slow-walked and stonewalled. The U.S. attorney’s office in Delaware has been investigating Hunter Biden since at least 2019, as CBS News has reported.

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The individual responsible for the case has been accused by insiders at the Internal Revenue Service of not following proper investigative procedures and displaying bias due to Hunter Biden’s relation to the president.

The Republican party has stated that it was evident that the prosecutors avoided any mention of Hunter Biden’s father. During a meeting after the 2020 election, an IRS employee named Gary Shapley revealed that he and other agents wanted to discuss an email where a Hunter Biden associate mentioned the “big guy.” However, Shapley stated that Weiss and Wolf declined to bring up this topic, with Wolf specifically stating that she did not want to inquire about “dad.”

During a separate event, the FBI informed the Secret Service protecting Hunter Biden about an upcoming interview with him and his colleagues to prevent any conflict between the two organizations.

The Justice Department has responded to these allegations by highlighting the unique circumstances of a criminal case involving the son of a prominent candidate for president. The department’s guidelines advise caution when pursuing cases with potential political implications during an election period, in order to prevent any potential interference with the results.

This month, Weiss personally participated in a private interview and refuted allegations of political meddling.

He informed the committee that our decision-making was not influenced by political factors.

Despite this, Republican lawmakers are insisting that Wolf testify before them, citing her direct involvement in the Department’s investigation of Hunter Biden. Wolf previously declined a voluntary invitation to appear in the summer.

Jordan stated in the letter addressed to Wolf that, due to his significant involvement in the investigation of Hunter Biden, he possesses valuable insight into whether President Biden had any involvement in the department’s inquiry and if he made any efforts to obstruct either that investigation or their own.