The Republican party is proceeding with their attempt to remove George Santos from the House.

The Republican party is proceeding with their attempt to remove George Santos from the House.

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On Thursday, a Republican from New York took steps to remove Rep. George Santos from his position in Congress. This comes one day before the congressman, who has been indicted, is expected to enter a plea of not guilty.additional federal charges

Rep. Anthony D’Esposito introduced the resolution to expel Santos as privileged, meaning the House must consider the measure within two legislative days. 

According to the Constitution, expelling a member requires a two-thirds majority vote. Since 1861, only five individuals have been expelled from the House.

Earlier this month, D’Esposito and other members of the New York Republican party declared their plan to remove Santos from office. This decision came after he faced new federal charges for using his donors’ identities and credit card details to make unauthorized purchases for his own gain. The updated indictment also claims that he falsified campaign finance records in order to meet fundraising goals and improve his campaign.

Santos will be going to court this Friday for his arraignment on the new charges.

The fresh allegations reignited the push to remove Santos from office by House Republicans. to

Prevented a Democratic endeavor to.

In May, the issue was brought up when Kevin McCarthy, who was then the House Speaker, stated that the legal proceedings should be allowed to take place. As a result, the House Ethics Committee was tasked with conducting an investigation.

guilty to a felony charge of conspiracy to commit mail fraud

Earlier in the year, Santos admitted guilt to a felony count of conspiring to commit mail fraud.not guilty

Accusations were made that involved a purported plan to deceive potential backers for his 2022 campaign.

He has strongly denied any misconduct despite the mounting accusations and has remained resistant in the face of demands for his resignation.

Following the proposal of the expulsion decision, Santos shared on social media that he remains determined not to resign.

He stated that he deserves fair treatment and not a preconceived result, as some are attempting to achieve.

Caitlin Yilek