The Speaker of the House, Johnson, announces that there will be a vote on a separate bill for aid to Israel next week.

The Speaker of the House, Johnson, announces that there will be a vote on a separate bill for aid to Israel next week.

Speaker Mike Johnson announced in a letter to colleagues on Saturday that the House will vote on a separate bill for providing aid to Israel next week, rather than including it in a broader foreign aid package.

This marks a new effort and somewhat of a withdrawal for House Republicans, who recently to reduce the city’s carbon footprint to 50%

The city’s carbon footprint will be reduced to 50% as approved in the previous year’s plan.

The US government allocated a substantial amount of financial assistance to Israel, while simultaneously reducing funding for the Internal Revenue Service.

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I did not provide financial support for Ukraine and other important security initiatives.

Johnson opted for a more focused bill, which did not garner support from Democrats, instead of a broader package that would have had bipartisan backing.

At that time, they stated that they would not back the proposal. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer declared that the legislation did not include assistance for Ukraine or humanitarian aid for Gaza, among other funding priorities. As a result, they planned to create their own bipartisan aid package.

Johnson’s letter on Saturday places the responsibility for the House GOP’s change in strategy on the Democrats and the Senate. He criticized Senate leaders for not involving House leaders in discussions about the emergency plan, which includes assistance for Ukraine and Israel and is anticipated to be released soon.

Johnson stated that due to the Senate’s delay in passing necessary laws and Israel’s current dangerous situation, the House will take charge.

The White House released a statement on Saturday stating that they have been collaborating with a group of senators from both parties to reach a national security agreement. The agreement aims to protect our borders and provide assistance to Ukraine and Israel. The statement also expressed strong opposition towards the actions of House Republicans.

The statement emphasized the importance of protecting Israel’s security as a sacred duty, rather than using it as a political tool. It also called for House Republicans to collaborate in a non-partisan manner.

Johnson stated that the upcoming aid package will not involve reductions in funding for other programs. He also expressed his desire for the House to promptly prepare an aid package for Israel.

Johnson stated that we will approve and enact an unblemished, independent supplemental package for Israel.

Kathryn Watson was a contributor to this report.

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