The United Auto Workers have officially endorsed Joe Biden's bid for reelection.

The United Auto Workers have officially endorsed Joe Biden’s bid for reelection.

On Wednesday, the United Auto Workers officially endorsed President Biden, a significant and anticipated display of backing as the president focuses on the upcoming election.

The support of the 400,000-member union is crucial for Mr. Biden as he aims to strengthen his backing among working class individuals. Mr. Biden made history as the first president to participate in a strike line when he…visited striking workers
In September, UAW President Shawn Fain highlighted a move near Detroit as he urged members to see Mr. Biden as their champion instead of former President Donald Trump.

During the UAW’s political convention in Washington, D.C., Fain announced that Joe Biden has placed his trust in the American worker, while Donald Trump has laid blame on them. Fain emphasized the importance of knowing who will occupy the most influential position in the world and support the working class as a unified group. As our endorsements are not given lightly, it is clear that Joe Biden has earned the UAW’s endorsement for president of the United States.

The initial report came from NBC News.

President Biden joins striking members of the United Auto Workers on the picket line outside the GM's Willow Run Distribution Center, in Bellville, Michigan, Sept. 26, 2023.

On September 26, 2023, President Biden showed his support for the United Auto Workers by participating in a strike at GM’s Willow Run Distribution Center in Bellville, Michigan. He joined the workers on the picket line.

Reuters/Evelyn Hockstein

Fain compared Trump and Mr. Biden on Wednesday, stating that it’s uncommon for a union to have such a distinct choice between two candidates.

According to Fain, “Donald Trump is a wealthy individual who only cares about himself.” His statement was met with applause from the crowd. Fain also pointed out that if Trump had experience working in a factory, he would not identify with the United Auto Workers (UAW) union, but instead align himself with the company in an effort to exploit American workers.

Workers in manual labor industries residing in states with a strong presence of labor unions, including Wisconsin and Michigan, are crucial for President Biden’s campaign for a second term as he works to defend against…Trump

The leading candidate for the Republican nomination for president is Mr. Biden. He often refers to himself as the most pro-union president ever and highlights his family’s working-class roots and his upbringing in Scranton, Pennsylvania and later Delaware.

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The UAW postponed their endorsement decision.

Biden has been working towards his reelection for a while now, expressing worries that his government’s actions were too focused on promoting electric vehicles. Trump, on the other hand, has gained significant backing from working-class individuals, which remains a pressing issue for the Biden campaign. Fain attempted to appeal to UAW members who may be inclined towards Trump.

According to Fain, elections are not simply about choosing a close friend or a candidate who makes you happy. They are ultimately about gaining power.

During the month of September, Mr. Biden

marched in solidarity with UAW employees

In Michigan, employees rallied for improved compensation and perks. The leader grabbed a microphone and encouraged the workers to persist in their pursuit of a substantial salary increase.

Mr. Biden acknowledged that the United Auto Workers (UAW) played a crucial role in rescuing the auto industry in 2008 and before. He commended their sacrifices and efforts during a difficult time for the companies. He also pointed out that as the companies are now thriving, so should the UAW.

During the Wednesday meeting, Fain emphasized the difference between Mr. Biden and Trump’s approaches by highlighting that…when Trump visited

During the strike in Detroit, the ex-president visited a factory that was not part of a union.

“Fain stated that rather than speaking negatively about our union, Joe Biden supported us.”

agreed to a new contract

The UAW employees and the three major car manufacturers reached a mutual agreement on a new contract.ratified a contract that significantly boosted wages and other benefits. 

In April 2020, the UAW publicly supported Mr. Biden during the most recent election.