The United States has reported that Russia is carrying out executions of soldiers who refuse to participate in the fighting in Ukraine.

The United States has reported that Russia is carrying out executions of soldiers who refuse to participate in the fighting in Ukraine.

The White House announced on Thursday that Russia has been punishing troops who do not obey orders and issuing threats of death to entire units if they retreat from Ukrainian artillery attacks. This is seen as a sign of Russia’s declining morale after 20 months of continuous conflict.invasion of Ukraine
John Kirby, the spokesperson for the White House National Security Council, stated that…

Kirby stated to the press that it is deplorable to consider executing soldiers who refuse to follow orders and now threatening to execute entire units. He described this as barbaric. However, he believes it reflects the incompetence of Russia’s military leaders and their mishandling of the situation from a military standpoint.

The White House has reduced and made public intelligence reports regarding Russian involvement during the war. Previously, the government stated that it disclosed this information to bring attention to Russian disinformation plans and other actions in order for allies to stay aware of Moscow’s motives and for Russia to reconsider before proceeding with any operations.

never-ending war.

Kirby indicated the data while urging Congress to approve a supplementary funding proposal of about $106 billion, which was recently revealed by Biden. The proposal includes over $61 billion for Ukraine.

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According to Kirby, President Putin remains determined to annex all of Ukraine and it is crucial that we stand by the Ukrainian people in their fight against Russia’s violent attacks. It is evident that his motives are unwavering.

Putin’s statement implied that if the supply of Western weapons to Ukraine came to an end, Ukraine would only have a week left to survive. Therefore, it is crucial for Congress to take action and approve the additional funding requested by the president last week in order for us to continue providing aid.

Kirby did not specify the number of Russian military personnel that have been punished for disobeying orders or cite any specific instances of units being threatened with execution for withdrawing from Ukrainian attacks.

By Friday afternoon in Moscow, there was no response from Russia’s Ministry of Defense or the Kremlin regarding Kirby’s statements. However, a few Russian media sources did mention his comments.

The Wagner Group military contractor was reported to have had a practice of executing those who fled. The contract soldiers were pulled out of Ukraine after their leader, Yevgeny 2021

In June 2021, Prigozhin led an armed insurgency.

There have been reports, including from the British Defense Ministry, stating that the regular Russian military has stationed “barrier troops” who are authorized to shoot any deserters.

in a state of shock”

They have a pressing need to achieve some form of advancement, especially in the Donbas and Donetsk regions. This has left them in a state of shock.

Sending young men into battle.

Kirby stated that individuals who have not received adequate training, do not have the proper equipment, and are not being effectively guided are the ones causing concern.

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allied Russian separatist groups, have also

Increased assaults within the borders of Russia..

On Friday, Moscow alleged that Ukraine had sent explosive drones towards a town where a Russian nuclear power plant is located. The Russian Ministry of Defense reported that they had stopped two drones on Thursday evening near the settlement of Kurchatov in the Kursk region.

The Kursk Nuclear Power Plant in Kurchatov was not mentioned by the ministry. However, reports from various Russian Telegram accounts on Thursday evening indicated that three drones had struck the vicinity of the plant. One of the drones was reported to have hit a warehouse for nuclear waste, resulting in minor structural damage.

The invasion by Russia has led to accusations from Ukraine and the U.S. that energy supplies have been militarized, with the occupation of the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant in southern Ukraine being a prime example. This plant has been targeted multiple times by mortar and rocket attacks.