Three or more individuals have died as a result of a fire at a hospital located near Rome.

A blaze started in a hospital located on the outskirts of Rome, resulting in the death of at least three individuals. The facility was filled with smoke, leading to the overnight evacuation of approximately 200 patients. Officials confirmed this information on Saturday.

A fire broke out on Friday night, which was a holiday in Italy, in the emergency room on the ground floor of St. John the Evangelist hospital in Tivoli. According to chief prosecutor Francesco Menditto, the fire then spread to some other areas, causing smoke to fill the building.

Firefighters and police officers utilized fire truck ladders to assist in evacuating 193 patients from high floors. Throughout the night, rescue teams worked diligently to transfer the intensive care patients to other hospitals via ambulances, while those in less critical condition were relocated to a nearby municipal gymnasium before being transferred to other healthcare facilities. This information was confirmed by officials.

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