Trump aims to transform RNC into a "flawless operation" through changes in leadership.

Trump aims to transform RNC into a “flawless operation” through changes in leadership.

A group of leaders endorsed by Trump is anticipated to assume leadership roles at the Republican National Committee, solidifying the former president’s control over the party as they head into the upcoming election.

Trump announced

Recently, there was a fresh attempt to bring together the RNC and the candidate’s campaign. As part of this effort to merge his reelection campaign and the party, he has appointed Lara Trump, his daughter-in-law, and Chris LaCivita, a senior campaign adviser, as top leaders in the party. This move aims to create a smooth and coordinated operation, according to a reliable source within the Republican party.

Lara Trump and Michael Whaley are both running for the position of RNC co-chair, with Whaley set to take over as chairman from current chairperson Ronna McDaniel. McDaniel is expected to resign following the South Carolina GOP primary this Saturday. LaCivita’s role as chief operating officer has been designated.

Remove McDaniel from her position in the previous year. Kirk and Turning Point USA established a network of conservative grassroots activists with the goal of increasing youth participation.

According to a reliable source within the Republican party, the new leadership in the RNC is actively seeking partnerships with independent organizations dedicated to increasing voter turnout and supporting candidates from the Republican party.

According to sources, the leaders supported by Trump are considering making changes to the Republican National Committee’s “Bank Your Vote” early voting program, which was introduced in June.

This is a country-wide effort by the GOP to promote mailing and early in-person voting, as well as ballot collection, for the upcoming presidential election. These voting efforts have typically been led by the Democratic party. The Republican approach involved creating websites in all 50 states and multiple languages to reach more voters.

Over the years, Trump has strongly opposed early voting and ballot harvesting, claiming that they are used to manipulate election results. Even at his campaign rallies, he continues to show mistrust towards these practices and advocates for in-person voting on Election Day with paper ballots.

Trump declared during his triumph speech after winning the Iowa caucuses in January that mail-in ballots must be eliminated as they lead to fraudulent elections.

Privately, members of the Republican party have expressed concerns about the current initiative, citing flaws such as its reliance on outdated voter registration data and lack of efforts to attract new voters to the party.

A reliable source within the Republican party stated that they are targeting individuals who are likely to vote and considering that a success. If their electoral outcomes are not favorable, they must reevaluate their strategies.

However, there are other Republicans who support early voting, such as Virginia’s GOP Governor, Glenn Youngkin. In anticipation of important state elections in 2023,Youngkin invested heavily

The initiative “Secure Your Vote” aimed to motivate Republicans in Virginia to utilize the state’s early voting system.

Despite the fact that Republicans did not win the Virginia House of Delegates and state Senate, they managed to significantly decrease the gap in early voting, thanks in part to Youngkin’s campaign. In a state where President Biden had a convincing victory in 2020, Republicans came very close to gaining control of both legislative chambers by only a few thousand votes.

The Republican party is optimistic that LaCivita joining the RNC will push for increased efforts in early voting, following the strategy used by the Virginia Republicans.

Former spokesperson for Youngkin’s political action committee Spirit of Virginia, Zack Roday, stated that Chris LaCivita has a strong grasp on managing operations and will prioritize it. Roday believes that LaCivita will bring a great deal of structure and effective fundraising to this endeavor.

This report was contributed to by Fin Gómez.