What is included in the Michigan primary ballot for 2024? Here is a list of what is being voted on today.

What is included in the Michigan primary ballot for 2024? Here is a list of what is being voted on today.

The 2024 election is taking place in Michigan. Here’s what you should be aware of.

The 2024 election for President is making its way to Michigan. Here’s what you need to be aware of.

Voters from both political parties in Michigan are going to vote in the state’s 2024 presidential primary on Tuesday. The candidates remaining in the Democratic and Republican primaries are limited. See a sample ballot below to learn about the options available to Michigan voters.

35-year hiatus, Michigan’s primary returned to the first Tuesday in March

Michigan holds one of the earliest presidential primaries and it has been moved to the first Tuesday in March after a 35-year break.

Rewording: Modify the laws at the state level.

Last year, the number of candidates vying for the nomination in both political parties decreased rapidly.

Learn about the candidates running for office in Michigan as voters head to the polls.

The candidate withdrew from the competition earlier this month. As confirmed by the Michigan secretary of state, the list of candidates was completed in December.

The Republican candidates on the ballot include Trump and former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley, who is aiming to gain support despite Trump’s strong performance in previous state primaries. Pastor Ryan Binkley is also listed as a candidate, along with former New Jersey Governor.Chris Christie, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis
Asa Hutchinson, the ex-governor of Arkansas, and a businessperson.Vivek Ramaswamy

All candidates who have suspended their campaigns will still be listed on the ballot.

Both the Republican and Democratic ballots will allow voters to choose “uncommitted,” indicating that they do not want to pledge their support to a specific presidential candidate but still want to vote for their political party. If there are enough uncommitted votes, the party will send delegates to the nominating convention who have not pledged their support to any particular candidate. This has been a topic of discussion among some Democrats who wish to protest against Mr.

The way Biden is managing the conflict between Israel and Hamas. 

What other items will be included in the Michigan primary ballot?

Some parts of the state are having special elections alongside the presidential primary. These elections include proposals for property taxes and bond issues on local ballots. Voters can see these proposals and a sample ballot for their community on the Michigan Department of State website.

Sample ballot for the 2024 Michigan primary



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