Which individuals from the Republican party are currently seeking the position of House speaker? Here is a list of the potential candidates.

Which individuals from the Republican party are currently seeking the position of House speaker? Here is a list of the potential candidates.

Seven members of the Republican party are vying for the role of speaker as the House faces its third week of legislative inactivity. On Monday evening, the Republican conference held a forum where the candidates had a chance to speak.

Expected to cast their votes through a confidential voting process.

A fresh nominee was announced Tuesday morning.


The House Republicans have been striving to choose a speaker since 2015. as House Minority Leader

Kevin McCarthy, a Representative, was removed from his position as the House Minority Leader.
In the beginning of the month, Steve Scalise, the House Majority Leader,withdrew his candidacy
On October 12th, Rep. Jim Jordan was dropped as the nominee after receiving the nomination on October 11th.

The third vote was lost. for the speakership. 

Who is in the running for the position of Speaker of the House?

Nine candidates, including Reps. Jack Bergman, Byron Donalds, Tom Emmer, Kevin Hern, Mike Johnson, Dan Meuser, Gary Palmer, Austin Scott, and Pete Sessions, initially declared their candidacy for the position.

Capitol riot. Emmer, however, supported a lawsuit

In December 2020, Texas filed a lawsuit to challenge the outcome of the presidential election in Georgia, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Michigan, all of which were won by Biden.

Here is additional information about the candidates running for speaker of the legislative body.

Jack Bergman

Rep. Jack Bergman

Representative Jack Bergman from Michigan (Republican Party) Anna Moneymaker/Getty Images

On Friday, the representative from Michigan declared his intention to run for office.

Bergman stated that he is fully committed and believes he can secure votes that others were unable to. He also mentioned that his focus is solely on serving the best interests of our country and providing stability for the 118th Congress.

Bergman, a former lieutenant general in the Marine Corps and successful businessman, emphasized his non-political background while he…first ran in 2016.

Byron Donalds

U.S. Rep. Byron Donalds (R-FL)

Representative Byron Donalds from Florida’s Republican party. Byron Donalds

2020 congressional bid

The Florida congressman has received support from other Florida legislators, Representatives Cory Mills and Mario Diaz-Balart. Rep. Donalds gained some backing during his 2020 campaign for Congress.

Election for speaker in the month of January.

Ultimately, McCarthy emerged as the victor in the election, with Donalds declaring his bid on Friday.

He stated that his main priorities are to protect our border, appropriately fund the government, promote conservative ideals for the House and the American people, and grow our Republican majority.

Tom Emmer

U.S. House Majority Whip Rep. Tom Emmer (R-MN)

Tom Emmer, a Republican from Minnesota, who holds the position of House Majority Whip in the United States Congress. Drew Angerer/Getty Images

declined to run to replace the ousted speaker

Earlier this month, he declared his intent to run on Saturday.

“The citizens of America chose us to uphold a conservative platform that ensures border security, curbs excessive spending, and holds Joe Biden responsible. We cannot disappoint them,” he stated. “I am campaigning for the position of Speaker of the House to unite our conference and resume our duties.”

Emmer is the current majority whip.

Kevin Hern

Rep. Kevin Hern (R-OK)

Representative Kevin Hern, a Republican from Oklahoma.

The image is by Anna Moneymaker, sourced from Getty Images.

On Friday, the conservative Republican Study Committee’s chair, who represents Oklahoma, declared their run for office.

Two Speaker Designates have recently resigned. We must come together and act quickly. I have communicated with all members of the Conference in the past few weeks. We require a leader with a proven track record of achievements, which is why I am running for the position of Speaker of the House.

Hern has served in Congress since 2018. Before that, he was a successful entrepreneur, owning 24 McDonald’s franchises.

Mike Johnson

Rep. Mike Johnson (R-LA)
Rep. Mike Johnson (R-LA) 

The image was taken by Anna Moneymaker/Getty Images.

The Louisiana congressman was initially voted into office in 2016. He currently holds the position of vice chairman for the House Republican Conference. On Saturday, Rep. Johnson declared his intention to run for office again.

During this pivotal moment, the Republican majority in the House must demonstrate strong leadership. We have a responsibility to establish a new direction and clearly articulate our purpose and values, as well as the cause we are standing for.

Johnson is a lawyer and a former radio personality.

Dan Meuser has withdrawn from the event.

U.S. Rep. Dan Meuser (R-PA)

Representative Dan Meuser of Pennsylvania’s Republican Party
Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

The representative from Pennsylvania has been a member of the House since 2019. In a recent social media post, he stated that if he chooses to run, his platform would prioritize inclusive politics.

Meuser stated that it is now the moment to return to work and advocate for a financially responsible budget, advance energy dominance, safeguard our borders, defend our national security, eradicate corruption, and gain the confidence of the American public.

On Monday, Meuser declared his withdrawal from the competition.

of school

Gary Palmer did not complete his education.

Rep. Gary Palmer (R-Ala)

Congressman Gary Palmer from Alabama, a member of the Republican Party. Nathan Howard/Getty Images

The current chairman of the Republican Policy Committee, who has been a member of the House since 2015, is a representative from Alabama. He endorsed Jordan as the potential speaker.

Palmer, who was formerly the president of a conservative think tank in Alabama, recently declared his withdrawal from the race on Tuesday. He stated that it is crucial for Republicans to restore stability in the House of Representatives.

Austin Scott

Rep. Austin Scott (R-Ga.)

Congressman Austin Scott from Georgia, a member of the Republican Party.
Ricky Carioti/The Washington Post via Getty Images

The House member from Georgia has been in office since 2011 and recently declared his bid for speaker on Friday.

“Our actions should align with the values of the majority if we want to be the majority,” he stated. “I endorsed and cast my vote for Rep. Jim Jordan as Speaker of the House. Since he has stepped down, I am once again running for the role of Speaker of the House.”

For almost two decades, Scott was the proprietor and manager of an insurance brokerage company.

Pete Sessions

Rep. Pete Sessions
Rep. Pete SessionsRep. Pete Sessions Alex Wong/Getty Images

The Texas congressman formerly led the House Rules Committee and the National Republican Congressional Committee. On Friday, Rep. Sessions declared his intention to run for office.

According to his office, Congressman Sessions is confident in his ability to lead as a conservative and bring unity to the Conference.

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