Why Joe Biden is not listed on the 2024 New Hampshire primary ballot - and its implications for the election.

Why Joe Biden is not listed on the 2024 New Hampshire primary ballot – and its implications for the election.

2020 election, he received a total of 81,281,502 votes.

In the 2020 election, Joe Biden received a total of 81,281,502 votes during his campaign.New Hampshire primary

He didn’t wait to witness the outcome.

He is not listed on the ballot for the state’s 2024 primary.

2019 season

In 2020, he was considered a leading contender but had difficulty appearing as one after a lackluster performance in the previous season.2020 Iowa caucuses

He implored the voters of New Hampshire to assist him in changing the story and securing a victory. He responded sarcastically to his detractors, mocked a younger opponent, and referred to a woman as “a dishonest, insignificant soldier on a pony” during a political rally.

After skipping his own campaign celebration, he went to South Carolina and ended up in fifth place in the primary election in New Hampshire, performing worse than the former mayor of a medium-sized city in the Midwest.

The incumbent will not be included on the 2024 primary ballot in New Hampshire. He can only be written in as a candidate, as a younger congressman from his party is attempting to take his place as the probable Democratic nominee. This decision is based on concerns that the current incumbent may lose to the expected Republican nominee, former President Donald Trump, in the general election.

Mr. Biden’s move to ignore New Hampshire’s primary

He is the first sitting president in over 50 years to not participate in the state’s early voting competition, which is not an ideal scenario for a candidate who is being questioned about their age and political status.

Steve Duprey, a former Republican National Committeeman from New Hampshire who endorsed Mr. Biden in the 2020 general election, believes that this situation could lead to a potential humiliating moment for the current president. However, in this year’s GOP primary, Duprey is supporting former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley.

Which candidates are running in the 2024 New Hampshire primary?

group of Democrats who are determined to

A dedicated group of New England Democrats are at the forefront, determined to lead fellow Democrats towards their goals. write-in campaign to help Mr. Biden in Tuesday’s primary against Minnesota Rep. Dean Phillips and author Marianne Williamson, the two leading candidates whose names are actually on the New Hampshire Democratic primary ballot.  

Even though it is a long-standing law in New Hampshire, Mr. Biden and the Democratic National Committee attempted to alter it once he took office, as the state is required to hold the first presidential primary.

Their strategy included making South Carolina the location of the initial primary, as it is a more varied southern state that gave Mr. Biden his first victory in the 2020 primary and revitalized his campaign for the presidency. Iowa was removed from its position as the first caucus state, while New Hampshire was informed that it could still hold an early voting event but would now share its primary day with Nevada.

“It is a challenge for us to consistently reaffirm to our Black and Brown constituents that they are at the heart of our support, especially when the first two states in the election process are among the least racially diverse in the country,” stated Michael Blake, a former vice chair of the DNC and aide to President Obama.

The state of New Hampshire adamantly refused to change its stance and went against the DNC, resulting in a loss of influence on a national level and ultimately causing Mr. Biden’s campaign to reject participating in the state’s primary election.

The 2024 reelection campaign of Mr. Biden declined to provide a statement regarding the New Hampshire primary. As a result, supporters of President Biden in New Hampshire have taken it upon themselves to highlight his accomplishments in infrastructure, gun safety, and the environment. Even prominent Democrats from outside the state have joined in, despite the Democratic National Committee’s declaration that the primary in New Hampshire is insignificant.

Jim Demers, a prominent figure in the write-in campaign, stated that Democrats across the state have consistently emphasized the importance of unity in the upcoming November election. He added that Donald Trump thrives on division and it is crucial for Democrats to come together during this election.

How does Biden’s lack of presence on the ballot affect the primary election?


competition in the state of New Hampshire

The current situation is causing a lot of conflicting ideas and uncertainty about its significance and relevance. The lack of response from the Biden campaign and the dismissive attitude of the DNC suggest that they do not consider the competition to be significant.

However, those close to Mr. Biden who are familiar with the state and want to maintain its early primary position for the next four years, view casting a write-in vote for the president as crucial.

The day before the primary, Senator Maggie Hassan of New Hampshire expressed her disappointment in the DNC’s decision to not have New Hampshire as the first state.

Hassan, a supporter of Mr. Biden, expressed her concern for democracy in New Hampshire and the potential consequences of Donald Trump becoming the Republican nominee. She emphasized the importance of caring for their country and understanding the gravity of the situation.

3 months

Mr. Biden withdrew from the 1988 presidential race after 3 months of campaigning. ago

Just a couple of months back

In 2008, he resigned due to a disappointing result in Iowa, but later on, he was chosen as Barack Obama’s running mate.

After two unsuccessful attempts at becoming president, Mr. Biden became the leading candidate in the 2020 election.

However, New Hampshire never regarded him in such a manner.

His campaign events varied in size, with some being well attended while others were concerning due to their small attendance. During his speeches, he would occasionally wander and keep them short, making it seem as though there was no event at all. Other times, he would go on for too long and ramble.

Representatives advocated more fervently for Mr. Biden than the candidate himself did. He adeptly engaged with voters while working the rope line, communicating in a manner that was much more effective than his attempts to appeal to an entire audience.

Despite facing challenges early on, Mr. Biden ultimately became the chosen representative for his political party in the 2020 presidential election. Despite New Hampshire’s Republican Governor Chris Sununu winning re-election by a large margin, Mr. Biden still managed to win the state by about seven points.

While New Hampshire may not be seen as a crucial swing state, it still holds significance in the political landscape. For the past seven years, Sununu has held the position of Republican governor, and the GOP maintains control of both the state House and Senate. In the 2000 election, Al Gore suffered a defeat in New Hampshire, but had he emerged victorious, he would have become president instead of George W. Bush. Similarly, in 2016, Trump was narrowly defeated by former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire by less than 1 point.

Although Mr. Biden’s decision to not participate in the New Hampshire primary has no effect on his potential as the Democratic nominee for the upcoming general election, there is a concern that it could jeopardize his chances of winning the White House in the 2024 election.

He has previously defeated Trump. However, the possibility of the ex-president regaining power after his efforts to overturn the 2020 election is a situation that can either garner more support for Mr. Biden or cause concern for his critics.

Andrew Yang, a former Democratic candidate in the 2020 New Hampshire presidential primary whom I previously backed, expressed his belief that Joe Biden’s presidency will lead to a sequel of Trump’s administration while endorsing Phillips during campaigning.

The current president has not been actively speaking in New Hampshire recently. He has only made a handful of appearances in the state since taking office, while members of his cabinet have made trips there in the past year. Additionally, at 81 years old, he holds the record for being the oldest president in office.

Some Democrats in New Hampshire are unhappy with Mr. Biden’s decision to not participate in the state’s primary. Mackenzie Murphy, who led California Rep. Eric Swalwell’s presidential campaign in New Hampshire in 2019, has conflicting emotions about voting for Mr. Biden but recognizes his accomplishments as president.

“Murphy stated that it was a disappointment to the citizens of New Hampshire that Mr. Biden did not make the effort to physically appear and officially add his name to the ballot.”

Candidates in New Hampshire often face humbling experiences. While past events do not always predict the future, the state’s history has established a standard.

During the 1968 New Hampshire primary, the incumbent president Lyndon Johnson was only included as a write-in candidate due to backlash from his own party over the Vietnam War.

a defeat according to any political measure.

More than fifty years later, the current president, facing difficulties in public opinion, has chosen to solely run as a write-in candidate in the New Hampshire primary. The main opponent voicing opposition is a congressman from the Midwest who is pushing for change among generations and reminding people of the previous confrontation between a Minnesota resident and a sitting president from the same party.

Phillips, who is determined to prevent Democrats from experiencing another shocking defeat like they did in 2016, believes that they have an opportunity to escape this nightmare before it becomes irreversible.

Phillips has made significant investments in his campaign in New Hampshire, but it is unlikely that he will perform well against Biden. Additionally, even if Phillips does manage to exceed expectations in the state, the remaining primary schedule is designed to make it easy for the president to secure the Democratic nomination.

Conducting a widespread campaign through written submissions is a challenging task in the political realm. Despite this, in order for Mr. Biden to secure a victory in New Hampshire on Tuesday, he will probably need to garner support from some of the same individuals who voted against him during the 2020 primary election. They may have to write in his name this time around.

“Mr. Biden’s previous placement in the state’s primary was disappointing, but he has made significant contributions to this state,” said Bill Shaheen, a Democratic National Committeeman in New Hampshire and a supporter of the president.

Shaheen stated that despite a difficult defeat, Mr. Biden is just as fallible as any of us and cannot be expected to be a superhero. However, she believes that he will have a more positive result in the upcoming election.

Shaheen, the spouse of the state’s senior U.S. senator, stated that they do not bear resentment. They also compared it to Hillary Clinton’s experience of winning and losing to Bernie Sanders in different elections, emphasizing that there are no exceptions in New Hampshire.

This report was contributed to by Jacob Rosen and Allison Novelo.


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