When and where you can see the Eta Aquariids meteor shower peak

When and where you can see the Eta Aquariids meteor shower peak

Get ready for one of the best meteor showers of the year, astronomy fans: the Eta Aquariids are about to peak, according to NASA. 

The shower will peak overnight on Sunday into Monday, though meteors from the shower will be visible throughout the week, NASA said. The peak is happening near a new moon, which means the sky will be darker and it will be easier to catch a glimpse of the meteors. 

When and where to see the Eta Aquariids meteor shower

The best time to see the meteor shower is overnight Sunday into Monday. The shower will be viewable in both the Northern and Southern Hemisphere during pre-dawn hours, though the best viewing experience will be in the Southern Hemisphere. Viewers in the Southern Hemisphere can catch 40 meteors per hour, while in the Northern Hemisphere, viewers will see 10-20 meteors an hour.

moonrise times for different ZIP codes across the United States. 

May’s full moon is the last full moon of spring. June’s full moon reaches peak illumination on June 21, one day after the summer solstice.

The next meteor shower is the Southern delta Aquariids in July, according to the American Meteor Society.

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Source: cbsnews.com