Amazon invests $4 billion in Anthropic startup known for ChatGPT rival Claude

Amazon invests $4 billion in Anthropic startup known for ChatGPT rival Claude

Artificial Intelligence is now being implemented in analyzing Amazon product reviews.

Artificial intelligence is now being applied to product reviews on Amazon at 04:14.

Amazon is putting $4 billion into Anthropic, a company that works on AI and was created by former employees of OpenAI. This big investment puts Amazon in the same category as other big tech companies competing in the field of generative AI.


On Monday, Amazon announced that it will acquire a small ownership share in the AI builder. In a statement on their websites, both Amazon and Anthropic stated that Anthropic will create its own generative AI, named Claude, using Amazon Web Services as the main provider for cloud computing. They will also use AWS’ machine-learning chips for creating, training, and launching their model. This will allow them to offer comparable services to rival ChatGPT, which is backed by Microsoft.Google’s Bard.

Amazon plans to broaden the implementation of artificial intelligence through the use of Alexa in households.

Amazon has referred to the collaboration as a “strategic partnership” in their statement. This reflects their ongoing adoption of AI advancements. Recently, Amazon introduced enhanced AI capabilities to their Alexa voice assistant, making it capable of engaging in more intelligent and natural conversations with users. This was demonstrated by Amazon’s devices head Dave Limp at the company’s second headquarters in Arlington, Virginia last week.