AT&T will be providing a $5 credit to customers affected by a recent phone service outage. Here's the process for obtaining it.

AT&T will be providing a $5 credit to customers affected by a recent phone service outage. Here’s the process for obtaining it.

data breach.

AT&T announced that it will issue a $5 credit to customers who may have been affected by the data breach that occurred on Thursday.widespread network outage

Thousands of customers experienced a loss of cellphone service for a significant portion of the day.

On Sunday, CEO John Stankey sent a letter to AT&T employees stating that the $5 credit covers the expense of “effectively a whole day of service.”

The company issued an apology to its customers for the inconvenience caused by a disruption. According to the company, the disruption was caused by the improper implementation of a process during their efforts to expand their network, and not by a cyber attack.

“We are taking action to rectify the situation by contacting potentially affected customers and providing a credit to their accounts.”

Here is some information to be aware of.

What is the amount of the credit for the AT&T outage?

AT&T is providing a compensation of $5 per account to customers who may have been impacted by the telecom’s network outage on February 22.

Who is eligible for the credit for the outage?

Individuals and certain small businesses affected by the service interruption are eligible for a $5 credit.

Unfortunately, AT&T has stated that customers with AT&T Business, AT&T Prepaid, and Cricket are not eligible for this credit.

Why are customers with AT&T Business, Prepaid or Cricket plans not qualified for the credit?

AT&T has announced that it will offer solutions to its AT&T Business, Prepaid, and Cricket customers. However, the details of these options have not been specified. According to a spokesperson from AT&T, they value their customers and will provide them with available options in case they were affected by the outage. This information was communicated via email to CBS MoneyWatch.

AT&T stated that they are closely collaborating with their AT&T Business clients to resolve any concerns they may have.

Stankey mentioned in his letter to employees that prepaid customers who were affected will be provided with choices. He did not reveal the specific options that AT&T will make available to these customers.

How can I obtain the $5 credit?

AT&T announced that they will automatically add a $5 credit to your account, and it will be visible within two billing cycles.

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