Best Buy will no longer offer DVD and Blu-ray discs for sale.

Best Buy will no longer offer DVD and Blu-ray discs for sale.

DVDs and Blu-rays are rapidly becoming obsolete, much like videotapes.


On Friday, Best Buy informed CBS MoneyWatch that it will be arriving.

Stop selling physical copies of movies.

Beginning in 2024, the products will be sold both in physical stores and on the internet; however, the discs will still be purchasable during the holiday season. The shop will also continue to offer video games for sale.

The spokesman for Best Buy stated that it is evident that the way we consume movies and TV shows has greatly evolved from the past. By making this adjustment, we are able to provide customers with a larger selection of cutting-edge technology to explore, discover, and enjoy.

The Digital Bits was the initial source to announce the news, based on information from reliable sources.

Netflix has discontinued their DVD-by-mail service at 00:26.


sent its last DVD in the mail

In the previous month, the streaming company ended a service that was initially introduced in the late 1990s and had over 20 million subscribers at one point.CBS News Minnesota.

Less than one million individuals remained subscribed to Netflix’s DVD service upon its closure on September 29th. According to a survey conducted by Statista Consumer Insights, only 30% of Americans watched movies on a disc in the past year.

DVDs came into existence in the mid-1990s as a novel method for storing and viewing movies. The initial DVD players were introduced in Japan.

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