Biden's campaign for reelection has joined the social media platform TikTok, despite Biden previously prohibiting its use on government devices.

Biden’s campaign for reelection has joined the social media platform TikTok, despite Biden previously prohibiting its use on government devices.

2020 Democratic National Convention

On Sunday evening during the 2020 Democratic National Convention, President Joe Biden’s campaign for reelection created a profile on TikTok, a widely used social media platform.Super Bowl

Despite the worries of his administration regarding the app’s security and potential sharing of user data with the Chinese government, he still continues to use it.

The user “Biden HQ” shared a video titled “lol hey guys,” in which Mr. Biden responds to Super Bowl-themed “this or that” questions such as “game or halftime show?” (choosing “Game”) and “Jason Kelce or Travis Kelce?” (opting for Mama Kelce due to her allegedly delicious chocolate chip cookies).

2020 election was stolen

The video featured the campaign and president joking about a groundless conspiracy theory regarding the alleged theft of the 2020 election.

The achievements of the Kansas City Chiefs were manipulated.

When questioned about his involvement in manipulating the season to ensure the Chiefs make it to the Super Bowl, Mr. Biden replied that he would get in trouble if he revealed any information. A photo of “dark Brandon,” a humorous meme depicting Biden with laser beams emitting from his eyes, was then displayed on the screen.

Unfounded conspiracies propagated by extreme conservative individuals claim that singer Taylor Swift’s romantic involvement with Kansas City Chiefs athlete Travis Kelce is part of a “pro-Biden” scheme.

“We had envisioned it just like this,” Biden wrote alongside a photo of “evil Brandon” following the Super Bowl victory for the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday.

The TikTok account of the Biden campaign garnered more than 4.6 million views on the app by Monday morning.

Advisers for the Biden campaign state that their presence on the platform is an effort to “keep connecting with voters in their preferred spaces.”

Campaign advisers emphasized the importance of effectively communicating our message through all available channels and platforms, especially in today’s highly individualized and diverse media landscape.

The campaign stated that the TikTok account will be managed by the campaign itself and it has not yet been determined if the president or any other key figures will also participate in the future.

The use of TikTok on government-issued devices has been prohibited by the White House starting in 2023, in response to actions taken by Congress to ban the app on federal government devices by the end of 2022.

50% funded

In March of 2023, the Biden administration received half of its expected funding.

measuring the implementation of a nationwide prohibition

The application could not be downloaded unless the Chinese company that owns TikTok, ByteDance, sold its ownership of the social media platform. The Department of Justice opened an inquiry into ByteDance over concerns of potential surveillance of American citizens.CBS News reported that same month.

Campaign advisers say the campaign is “taking advanced security precautions” around devices and is “incorporating a sophisticated security protocol.”

Advisers stated that the campaign’s existence is separate and unrelated to the ongoing CFIUS evaluation of TikTok conducted by the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States.

Before the reelection campaign, Biden’s administration had not completely avoided TikTok. White House officials spoke with influencers on the platform about the conflict in Ukraine, Biden participated in an interview with TikTok creator Daniel Mac, and popular digital figures were invited to a private Christmas celebration at the White House in 2023.

As of Monday morning, the Democratic National Committee has a significant presence on TikTok, boasting 510,000 followers and 640 videos, many of which focus on the president.

Aaron Navarro