Gift suggestions from Techno Claus for the 2023 holiday season

Gift suggestions from Techno Claus for the 2023 holiday season

He is the person who discovers gifts for well-behaved children, the top options among modern holiday toys. It is the time for Techno Claus, always trendy (who happens to look quite similar to our David Pogue).

As I crawl down the chimney, I wonder to myself:

Am I too heavy now? Is the chimney too narrow?

Forget about that: Happy holidays, my loved ones!
I am Techno Claus, the bringer of ideas for tech gifts.

I have made 15 appearances. I am aware!

We are all aging! Let’s continue with the show…


The bird is prepared for its close-up.

CBS News

The Bird Buddy Smart Bird Feeder is priced at $300.

The AirFly SE Audio Transmitter from Twelve South is priced at $35.

I enjoy using Bluetooth earbuds because of their small size and lightweight design.

However, they are not linked to the back of the seats during the flight.

This device connects where the cord would typically be inserted.

This device sends the audio from your film or television program.

is the bedroom.

You can also disconnect in another location, such as the bedroom.

I am at the gym, doing cardio by using the treadmill.


As you soak up some sun, the Nomad 10 Portable Solar Charger can also take advantage of its rays.

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The Goal Zero Nomad 10 Solar Panel is priced at $100.

I go on business trips, as you will hear from my partner.

How can I charge my devices while away from home?
Up there in the sleigh, can’t plug into the wall.

I utilize the most powerful charger available!

This weatherproof solar collector’s the key

For individuals who enjoy hiking, camping, and a nomadic lifestyle like myself.


The Hair Smart Showerhead indicates when the water is at the right temperature.

CBS News

The Hai Smart Shower System is priced at $150.

Your current showerhead is not very intelligent—

This intelligent device simply twists into place; no plumber necessary.

This indicator will alert you when the water reaches a high temperature.

A mobile application monitors your water consumption, whether you approve or not.

It’s powered by water! And best feature yet—

It transitions from a mist to a strong jet.


This device is the talk of the town.

CBS News

The Revolution InstaGLO R180 Toaster is priced at $350.

The basic design of the toaster, my dears,

The situation has remained largely unchanged for over 100 years!
instead of up

This particular one heats up more quickly, with a timer that counts down instead of up.

Simply tap your bread and see what shade of brown it turns into!

It has a pleasant taste, but it is very costly – almost unreasonably so.

If you have the means, I propose a toast to you!


“Please hold your camera phone in a horizontal position. Oh, never mind, I will just rotate the TV screen.”

CBS News

The Sero Rotating Screen TV from Samsung costs $1,500.

Oh, the youth of today! They all use their phones to record videos.

The videos they take are captured vertically, as seen in the example.
Do you attempt to play the recording on the TV?

The image is very small and the screen is predominantly black.

I have a solution for any pressing issues.

A functional Samsung television display that rotates!

I have been informed that it is time to continue flying, and I am apprehensive.

The reindeer’s focus decreases annually.

I hope this wish reaches you as I climb up the chimney.

I hope your technology functions properly on the first try!


The article was created by Lucie Kirk and Julie Kracov and edited by Joseph Frandino.

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