Google and Reddit have reached a $60 million agreement, granting the search engine company the ability to use human posts to train their AI models.

Google and Reddit have reached a $60 million agreement, granting the search engine company the ability to use human posts to train their AI models.

Google and Reddit have reached an agreement which permits the search engine to utilize content from the online forum to enhance its artificial intelligence models and optimize features like Google Search.

Reddit announced on Thursday that it has entered into an agreement worth approximately $60 million. As part of the deal, Reddit will have access to Google’s AI models to enhance its internal site search and other functions. Reddit has chosen not to comment further or answer any inquiries beyond its official statement regarding the partnership.

The San Francisco company has announced its intention to go public on Wednesday. In paperwork submitted to the Securities and Exchange Commission, Reddit reported a net income of $18.5 million in the last quarter of 2020, after two years of losses. The company’s revenue for that quarter was $249.8 million. Reddit plans to list its shares on the New York Stock Exchange with the ticker symbol RDDT.

Google reveals a new AI tool for converting text to video, featured on this week’s episode of “60 Minutes”.

The agreement to share data is very important for Google, as it allows them to access written content created by humans. This content can be used to train their AI models, enhancing their comprehension of the world and enabling them to give appropriate responses in a conversational manner.

precedent has been set for tech companies to acquire data for their AI models from publicly available content, showcasing their approach and methods.

This establishes a standard for how technology companies gather data for their expanding AI models to utilize, even in regards to content that is accessible to the public. The precedent has been established for tech companies to collect data from publicly available content, displaying their strategies and techniques.

A deluge of prominent legal cases.

In January, legal cases were brought to a federal court in New York to challenge the potential impact of large language models such as ChatGPT and other artificial intelligence technologies that use vast amounts of copyrighted human content found on the internet.

According to a source familiar with the situation, the agreement with Google does not indicate any potential modifications to the way Reddit operates based on data. This individual wished to remain anonymous to speak openly during the period of silence mandated by the SEC before an IPO. Unlike other social media platforms like TikTok, Facebook, and YouTube, Reddit does not employ algorithms to predict what content users will be most interested in. Instead, users can directly search for forums they are interested in and participate in ongoing discussions or start new ones.

The person also mentioned that the agreement mandates Google to adhere to Reddit’s terms of use and privacy policy, which vary from those of other social media platforms. Unlike other sites, when a user on Reddit deletes a post or other content, it is completely removed without any traces left in unforeseen places. Google and other partners of Reddit are required to do the same in order to honor the decisions made by users on Reddit.

In a recent announcement, Google commended Reddit as a platform for a wide range of genuine discussions and real-life experiences. The company emphasized its goal of enhancing access to this valuable information for users.

Google downplayed its intention of using Reddit data for training its AI systems, choosing instead to highlight how it will enhance the accessibility of Reddit information for users by channeling it through Google products. This includes product recommendations and travel advice.

The process was defined as “displaying Reddit information with an emphasis on content” in order to improve the use of Google’s tools and facilitate participation on Reddit.

Stop using the Gemini AI-image tool.

One of the tools available is Gemini, a chatbot created by Google’s artificial intelligence.

Google announced on Thursday that it will be halting the use of its Gemini chatbot for producing images of human figures. This decision comes a day after the company issued an apology for the errors found in the historical representations created by the bot.

This week, Gemini users shared images on social media of historically White environments featuring racially diverse characters created by the chatbot. This has sparked concerns from critics about the company potentially overcorrecting for racial bias in its AI model.

Google announced on the social media platform X that they are currently addressing the recent problems with Gemini’s image generation feature. During this process, the image generation of people will be temporarily paused until an enhanced version is released.