Kyle Vogt, the co-founder and CEO of Cruise, has stepped down from his role.

Kyle Vogt, the co-founder and CEO of Cruise, has stepped down from his role.

The DMV has revoked Cruise’s permits, citing concerns about the safety of their operation for the public.

The Department of Motor Vehicles has revoked Cruise’s licenses, citing concerns that they pose a risk to public safety when operated.

The leader of Cruise, based in San Francisco, revealed on Sunday that he would be resigning as CEO.

Over the past decade, I have been incredibly fortunate and appreciative of the support from those who have aided Cruise in its journey. Kyle Vogt, CEO and co-founder, shared this sentiment on X. Starting as a small startup in my garage, we have successfully provided over 250,000 autonomous rides in multiple cities, each one giving people a glimpse into the potential of the future.

Vogt stepped down from his position in the self-driving car company just a few weeks ago.

Temporarily halted its autonomous taxi services across the country.

The break occurred 48 hours later.
after an accident

The California Department of Motor Vehicles has halted its testing of self-driving vehicles following a collision. in the state.

A pedestrian in San Francisco was dragged by a Cruise robotaxi after being hit by another vehicle.

The suspension did not impact Cruise’s authorization to test vehicles with a safety driver present.

Cruise also recently

declared job cuts among its hired workers

The individual who was responsible for maintaining the ride-hailing company’s self-driving vehicle fleet.

The employees who were let go consisted of support personnel responsible for maintaining and charging the robotaxis, as well as workers in customer service.

The company had to lay off employees due to a recall of its vehicle fleet for a software update. This recall was prompted by the same incident that led to the suspension of its testing permit.

Cruise, based in San Francisco, is a division of General Motors and also has operations in Phoenix, Arizona, as well as in Austin and Houston, Texas.