Microsoft's statement during the Super Bowl: We are now an AI-focused company.

Microsoft’s statement during the Super Bowl: We are now an AI-focused company.

Microsoft on Sunday is returning to the Super Bowl

The company has released a commercial featuring their AI-powered chatbot, showing their commitment to changing their reputation as a traditional software maker and focusing on the potential of artificial intelligence in their products.

The one-minute advertisement, released on YouTube on Thursday, showcases individuals utilizing their mobile devices to utilize Copilot, the artificial intelligence assistant launched by Microsoft last year. The application is demonstrated assisting individuals in automating various tasks, such as generating snippets of code and creating digital artwork.

Microsoft’s commercial during the Super Bowl, marking its return to the game after a four-year absence, showcases its transformation into an AI-centric company. The company has dedicated significant resources to enhancing its AI capabilities, including a $1 billion investment in OpenAI in 2019, and has successfully integrated this technology into popular products such as Microsoft Word, Excel, and Azure.

Unveiled an enhancement to its rival artificial intelligence software.

According to Wedbush Securities Analyst Dan Ives, the outcome of the AI competition will greatly impact global technology companies. Projections suggest that the market for AI could reach $1.3 trillion by 2032. Ives stated that this is not the same Microsoft that our grandparents knew and the Super Bowl provides a valuable opportunity to alter public perceptions.

The Microsoft Game Day advertisement features Copilot, your everyday AI companion. by
Microsoft on

Sponsors are shelling out approximately $7 million for a 30-second slot during this year’s game, with an anticipated audience potentially reaching over 100 million viewers.

The Copilot app from Microsoft is receiving an update, which will coincide with the release of our Super Bowl ad. In a recent blog post, Microsoft’s Consumer Chief Marketing Officer Yusuf Mehdi mentioned that the app will have a cleaner and more modern appearance, as well as suggested prompts to help users utilize its AI capabilities.

Microsoft’s strategy so far is paying dividends. Its cloud-based revenue surged 24% to $33.7 billion in its most recent quarter, helped by the integration of AI into its Azure cloud computing service, for example. And investors are buying in — the company’s market valuation of $3.1 trillion now ranks it ahead of Apple as the world’s most valuable company.

The Super Bowl is now the top-rated primetime TV program, surpassing other popular events due to the increased use of streaming services and social media. In 2023, approximately 115 million viewers tuned in, which was double the number of viewers for the second most-watched televised event of the year, according to Variety’s rankings for primetime shows.

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According to Ives, that unmatched exposure could help Microsoft maintain its lead over several big tech companies in an increasingly intense face to dominate the AI market.  

According to Ives, Microsoft’s recent advancement in AI is a remarkable strategic move. Now, other companies are trying to catch up to them. Ives compares Microsoft’s progress to a high-speed Ferrari in the fast lane, while its competitors are moving at a much slower pace in a minivan.