The CEO of Google, Sundar Pichai, expresses dissatisfaction with the issues surrounding their AI applications, deeming them "totally unacceptable."

The CEO of Google, Sundar Pichai, expresses dissatisfaction with the issues surrounding their AI applications, deeming them “totally unacceptable.”

Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Google, is urging the company’s engineers to urgently resolve issues with their Gemini AI app. He has described certain responses from the tool as “extremely unacceptable.”

The new search tool, which the company has toutedSome users criticized Gemini for being controversial because they requested images of historical figures like German soldiers during WWII and popes who are typically depicted as White and male. Gemini received backlash for producing images that depicted these figures as Black, Asian, and female.

Google has temporarily stopped the Gemini image generator after receiving criticism for the AI tool’s replies.

Originally released by Semafor and verified by Google. “I realize that certain replies have caused offense to our users and displayed prejudice – to clarify, that is completely unacceptable and we made a mistake.”

experienced a pause in its effort to expand its AI capabilities

Google is facing a challenge with its image generator for Gemini, which is hindering its efforts to advance in the field of artificial intelligence. The tech company is striving to keep up with competitors like Microsoft, which has its own Copilot AI tool. Last month, Google hit a snag in its plans to broaden its AI capabilities.rebranded Bard, a chatbot introduced a year ago, as Gemini and described the revamped product as its most capable AI model.

According to Maria Curi, a tech policy reporter for Axios, technology companies claim to subject their models to thorough safety and ethics testing. However, the specific details of these testing procedures are unclear. As users continue to discover historical inaccuracies, it raises concerns about the possibility of these models being released prematurely.

OpenAI has revealed their new AI-based video generator called Sora.

According to Pichai’s memo, Google staff have been diligently working to resolve these problems and have already observed significant progress across various prompts.

He stated that AI is not flawless, particularly at this early stage of the industry’s growth. Nonetheless, he is aware of the high expectations placed on them and is committed to continue their efforts until it is achieved. They will also analyze the situation and address it on a large scale.

AI-powered chatbots are also attracting scrutiny for the role they might play in the U.S. elections this fall. A study released on Tuesday found that Gemini and four other widely used AI tools yielded inaccurate election information

Over half of the time, voters are directed to polling places that do not actually exist.

Specialists have expressed worries that the emergence of advanced AI could lead to individuals receiving incorrect and deceptive data, potentially dissuading them from participating in elections.

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