The release of Apple Vision Pro will happen on Friday. Here are the important details to be aware of.

The release of Apple Vision Pro will happen on Friday. Here are the important details to be aware of.

On Friday, Apple will release the Vision Pro goggles, which combine elements of both augmented and virtual reality. This marks Apple’s initial venture into headgear that supports these technologies.

The highly anticipated VR headset from Apple, which was announced at the Worldwide Developer’s Conference last summer, will finally be released on Feb. 2 in both physical stores and online. This marks Apple’s first major release since the launch of the Apple Watch several years ago. It follows the footsteps of other tech companies like Meta, Snapchat, and Microsoft who have recently released their own smart glasses.

According to MacRumours, Apple has sold around 200,000 Vision Pro units, with the device selling out earlier this week.

According to CNET, the “volumetric landscape” display on Verge offers users a highly immersive experience in comparison to other VR devices.

According to Apple, their website showcases that over 600 apps have been specifically created for the headset. These apps provide unique methods for browsing the internet, making notes, and chatting through text. A notable feature allows users to interact with a 3D item within an app, as if it were a real object in front of them.


The Apple Vision Pro, which is the priciest VR headset currently available, starts at $3,499 as shown in the image above.

What is the price?

According to the official websites of Apple, Meta, and Snapchat, the starting price for the Apple Vision Pro VR headset is $3,499, making it the most expensive option on the market. In contrast, Meta’s Headquest 3 is priced at $499.99 and Snapchat’s Spectacles 3 debuted at under $400.

When and where can I find the Apple Vision Pro for purchase?

The Apple Vision Pro will officially launch on Feb. 2, 2024 and will be sold both in physical stores and online. Customers can also pre-order the device, which opened on Jan. 19, and can expect delivery as early as Friday, according to Apple.

Elizabeth Napolitano